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  1. HoosierLyss

    Let's Hate On Purdue

    It's always okay to make fun of Purdue, but it's especially encouraged during Bucket Week. This Saturday, our Indiana Hoosiers take on Purdue for another showdown inside of Memorial Stadium...and I thought we could use a little entertainment to hold us over until we win the game. So we've all seen Purdue's latest attempt at creating a music video called "You Oughta Be Proud" right? To celebrate how much better we are and always will be than Purdue, here's a little video to enjoy and spread around throughout the week. Have fun dishing on PU every day leading up to the game--and GO HOOSIERS!
  2. HoosierLyss

    Haunted Hall of Hoops Recap

    Here is a quick video put together by HoosierLyss for the Athletic Department. Looks like all the kids had fun at a really cool event put on every year. If you have kids, make sure you attend next year!
  3. HoosierLyss

    Rivalry Returns 2 Years After Brawl

    As if our College World Series team wasn't reason enough to attend games at the beautiful Bart Kaufman Field, this May the rivalry returns between Indiana and Purdue Baseball. After a two-year break, IU will host a series with Purdue May 2-4 in the 2014 season. Why did the series stop? Watch this video of what happened last time the two teams played: Who knows, maybe this will inspire Calipari to bring back the series in basketball with Indiana as well... We all know last time they were on our turf it didn't exactly go as planned for them either.
  4. HoosierLyss

    (Fake) Coach Wilson's Pre-Game Speech

    IUFB is on the rise--haven't you heard? The hype around a promising 2013 IUFB squad is no secret to a true fan ...but if you’re just now finding out that we also have the most inspirational, brutally honest, but most importantly, SUPPORTIVE fake football coach—well you’re late to the party. Our very own, “Not Really Kevin Wilson, the Head Football Coach for the Indiana University Hoosiers” had every ACTUAL Hoosier fan and beyond talking on Wednesday night. (Fake) Coach Wilson earned the respect and following of hundreds of people with his inspirational pre-game twitter speech directed to the student body the night before the 2013 season opener. Thousands of Hoosiers followed along FCW’s pep talk, while I personally camped out on his Twitter page waiting for the words “1 new Tweet” to drop from his timeline. Click. Laugh. RT. Repeat It was as if the mighty Hoosier Hero himself, @ChronicHoosier, was watching over FCW’s timeline. I’m not linking the two accounts together; FCW is anonymous. I’m just saying the only other account on Twitter I have never secretly wanted to unfollow is CH. The series of tweets were an embarrassingly true, yet outrageously funny way to make a strong message clear to many people. It’s truly one of the few ways to effectively communicate with people these days. FCW executed it flawlessly. So what is FCW’s bottom line? I asked Fake Coach over some Twitter DM. “Just tell the folks don’t be afraid to believe in #IUFB.” Simple as that. @FakeCoachWilson may not be a real person. But he made a bunch of real people feel real things, like support for their own football team. And I bet you anything he indirectly encouraged a bunch of real people to attend Thursday’s game. So kudos to fake coach. In the words of @FakeCoachWilson, “Pack the Fing Rock!” See you there, Hoosier Nation. (PS: I’m actually only writing this article for a #helmetsticker from @FakeCoachWilson)