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  1. HoosierLyss

    The Aftermath

      Just now seeing this. But maybe you didn't see my earlier posts today about the point I was making about this and have made to multiple people. What you may not have read was this-- I said that people needed to leave the basketball moms alone and that Troy is a nice guy.. I also said how I didn't know the full story (nor did my friends in media talking about it) and that there's got to be more to it than just what people were tossing around the Internet about it (which is also why I was making the point that people need to leave the basketball moms alone) and I heard you were on this site, so I thought we could hear from you about it, instead of just that part. I was just hoping you would have the opportunity to talk about it so that one comment wasn't the only thing out there in circulation.
  2. HoosierLyss

    The Aftermath

    Yeah I mean, I'm not sure if going about it that way does much to help. BUT at the same time, people should leave that basketball moms alone. I don't know the full story, someone just sent me that part of it. IMO Troy is a nice guy tho. He's way more calm than that.
  3. HoosierLyss

    The Aftermath

    Troy's mom weighs in
  4. HoosierLyss

    Yogi Ferrell Discusses Indiana's recent events

    Don't get me wrong, I give Yogi props for being the one to go out and speak up on the subject at a time when so many eyes are on the program waiting for the next official statement from somebody other than a blogger or a writer. The question is sincerity. And I think this time he sees it and wants to make a different. But I really could've gone without contributing a reason for their decisions to "society today" ..can't be making excuses at this point. Also emphasizes a sign of weakness that they're what? Falling to peer pressure or something? I don't get it. But as for the rest of his statements, props to him for stepping up and I hope to see him lead the team and the team in general cleaning up their act.   I'm getting more excited for basketball already just thinking about it. I believe in them. They can do it!
  5. HoosierLyss

    Yogi Ferrell Discusses Indiana's recent events

    yikes. not really sure what to make of this.. I'm just trying really hard to picture those guys holding each other accountable and encouraging them to make good choices. I'm thinking it's going to come down to more of who they can trust to do things around from here on out along with definitely ending the public drama. But if they actually make some changes (like stopping the shenanigans that don't make it to news) I'll be so happy to make sure everyone knows they're on track..
  6. HoosierLyss

    IU Student Body

      hahah if I'm being perfectly honest, it is this exact crapstorm the past year that I've backed off and decided maybe I'm a little to close and personal with the whole thing to be as involved. Besides that, certain jobs have required me to keep myself somewhat filtered. It's just a little confusing since I'm a senior here now and I want to do nothing more than jump in on all the fan stuff (like throwback Hoosier Lyss did on YouTube) but that's was a big no-no
  7. HoosierLyss

    IU Student Body

    this. yep. exactly.
  8. HoosierLyss

    IU Student Body

    With the exception of some freshmen groupies, the current team lost respect on campus.. As for me, I quit trying to defend this current roster when they broke/stole things from me/my roommates at parties. They are nothing like the guys I was friends with on the 2012 team.
  9. the reporter is Steve Andress and YES HE IS AWESOME!   @steveandress
  10. HoosierLyss

    Zeller Return v Pacers (YOUR INPUT!) Interview

      You're right, he doesn't seem to from a public standpoint. But he has an outrageously fun personality that I had the pleasure of getting to know while he was in college and I'm hoping to open him up and bring that out in the interview tomorrow. So fire away with your questions! I bet Cody will surprise you with his answers! :)   And thank you for submitting the question!!
  11. HoosierLyss

    Zeller Return v Pacers (YOUR INPUT!) Interview

    YO COME ON HOOSIERS! I've got an interview ready for Cody but I wanted to make sure I'm not missing a great question that Hoosier Nation wants to know about our NBA Rook! Any thoughts I wanna hear them!
  12. Hey everyone. I'm covering the Pacers v Bobcats game this Friday for IU Athletics. Focusing on Zeller's return.   If there is something you want me to ask Cody in our interview, let me know!  I'm excited to see my good friend back in Indiana and really happy to cover his return!
  13. HoosierLyss

    The Official Indiana vs North Florida Game Thread

      I have to leave early tonight, but I can start posting things from the games/press confs for everyone during the home games, what do y'all want?. I'll probably be at all of them with my new credentials! So awesome being here..wearing IU, not some unbiased media clothes crap. =P
  14. HoosierLyss

    The Official Indiana vs North Florida Game Thread

    so I'm just randomly chillin' under the banners watching the game and playing on my lap top. MWAHAHAHAHAHAH
  15. HoosierLyss

    Let's Hate On Purdue

    It's always okay to make fun of Purdue, but it's especially encouraged during Bucket Week. This Saturday, our Indiana Hoosiers take on Purdue for another showdown inside of Memorial Stadium...and I thought we could use a little entertainment to hold us over until we win the game. So we've all seen Purdue's latest attempt at creating a music video called "You Oughta Be Proud" right? To celebrate how much better we are and always will be than Purdue, here's a little video to enjoy and spread around throughout the week. Have fun dishing on PU every day leading up to the game--and GO HOOSIERS!