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  1. Hurryin' Hoosiers 67 Fartin' Spartans 63
  2. Hoosiers 64 Cornshuckers 57
  3. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 17 - @ Rutgers 1/15/20)

    Hoosiers 65 Scarlet O'haras 58
  4. Hoosiers 62 Buckteeth 57
  5. Hoosiers 81 Tamekitties 62
  6. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 14 - @ Maryland 1/4/20)

    Making my season debut here today. Indiana 79 Unmerry Land 60 This reflects my lack of faith in Turgeon as a coach more than my confidence in the Hoosiers. Turgeon might be the best recruiter in college basketball (given who he gets based on his limited success in winning) but his teams never win the big ones, and if Illinois can play Maryland to one point on this floor, I'd say the turtles are far from beasts at home.
  7. incrediboy

    19/20 Squad = Class Balance

    Personally I believe the light bulb went on in his head and the game itself slowed down for him mentally. Normally if that happens it occurs by the start of a player's junior year, but in his case, it took 25 games or so into that third season. I do not think it was in any way related to the position, I believe it was cogs falling into place and wheels turning as a result. We have seen him play a handful of excellent games but consistency had never been there. I even thought perhaps he had a touch of schizophrenia and could not focus properly. I do not recall him having a string of excellence at the end of 2018. He would have a good game or maybe a good half followed by a game or half where he was a turnover waiting to happen. Now I believe he could be equally adept at the point or as the shooting guard...but with Rob as our point man, our need is more for him to be the scorer. To summarize, I think the entire game of college basketball changed for him when his brain finally connected the dots, and I believe his senior year will be a very good one.
  8. incrediboy

    19/20 Squad = Class Balance

    Nobody was happy with much of anything Devonte was doing before he finally turned it around late last season. He showed flashes of PG skills, he just hasn't been used in that role since his apparent awakening. While I think he's more valuable to us as a shooter, I wouldn't be afraid to put him back there now when necessary.
  9. incrediboy

    19/20 Squad = Class Balance

    To those who suggested we could have a PG deficiency, let us remember that Green was considered a PG until he suddenly started making shots toward the end of last season. If indeed the game has finally slowed down for him the way it appeared in the last half dozen games or so, he might just be as good at the point as he is as the shooter. And Durham was recruited as a PG, remember that two years ago Archie made the comment early on in the season that he thought any discussion about PGs needed to include Al. So I'm not really worried if Rob gets in foul trouble that we can't find someone to handle the PG spot. And even if two of the three guards (I'm not including Anderson or Franklin here because I don't think either fits in a PG discussion) have to sit, we can still run a PG and a 1-2-2 or 1-3-1 set-up. I truly believe we have seen the last of the 3-guard lineup for a while. Romeo's presence forced Archie to do that last year, but we have a greater supply of experienced and talented big guys than we've had since CAM arrived. I have no issue with 11 scholarship players since it's a very rare team that regularly rotates more than 9. That said, we have no room for another injury--prone season unless somehow Anderson grows into what we hope he can be or Franklin is a pleasant surprise. Or maybe a late grad transfer will show up on Archie's doorstep and add what Dakich did for Ohio State last year, although I'm not nursing any expectations on that score. What I really hope happens is Hunter is healthy and that he and TJD can push Justin to the point that he has to get his act together on an everyday basis just to get a fair amount of playing time...because I could see his minutes cut in half (or more, especially if Race can score; we know he can play defense and rebound but we've heard hints he can be a deadly jump shooter when healthy). I also wonder if Archie will work Brunk and DeRon together in practice because there are times a twin-towers lineup can provide a difficult matchup. I recall last year he once said that Fitzner and DeRon had to be on the floor together out of necessity and that in practice they had not worked them that way. Which is odd to me since those two are very different types of players while Brunk and DeRon are more alike in terms of being under-the-basket types of players.
  10. incrediboy

    Joey Brunk to Indiana

    Trading Clifton Moore (with two years remaining) for Joey Brunk (with two years remaining) was a steal. Now if we can trade up similarly for Forrester, we will be going places.
  11. Indiana 80 Piglets 71
  12. IU 93 St. Francis 62 I'm assuming St. Francis isn't named after Francis the Talking Mule or Arlene Francis, panelist on "What's My Line" and host of "Ding Dong School" when I was a little kid..or even Francis Bavier, the actress who portrayed Aunt Bee on "The Andy Griffith Show"
  13. Hoosiers 77 Buckears 65
  14. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 31 -Rutgers 3/10/19)

    IU 82 Reddish Nights 64