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    Braves Baseball, IU Basketball, Writing, Publishing. Previously worked as a sports writer for the Herald-Times (when it was still the Herald-Telephone) with Bob Hammel.

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  1. incrediboy

    Joey Brunk to Indiana

    Trading Clifton Moore (with two years remaining) for Joey Brunk (with two years remaining) was a steal. Now if we can trade up similarly for Forrester, we will be going places.
  2. Indiana 80 Piglets 71
  3. IU 93 St. Francis 62 I'm assuming St. Francis isn't named after Francis the Talking Mule or Arlene Francis, panelist on "What's My Line" and host of "Ding Dong School" when I was a little kid..or even Francis Bavier, the actress who portrayed Aunt Bee on "The Andy Griffith Show"
  4. Hoosiers 77 Buckears 65
  5. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 31 -Rutgers 3/10/19)

    IU 82 Reddish Nights 64
  6. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 30 - @ Illinois 3/7/19)

    Hoosiers 62 Biting Illini 55
  7. Race's entry into the game was just before halftime. What encourages me most is maybe -- and this is a big maybe -- the game finally slowed down today for Green. It's the end of his junior year, and it should have happened sooner. But if he's gotten over that hump which has had him playing helter-skelter more often than not, perhaps he won't be turnovers waiting to happen every other game.
  8. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 28 - Wisconsin 2/26/19)

    Hoosiers 66 BADgers 59
  9. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 27 - @ Iowa 2/22/19)

    Two days ago I'd have said no way we would win, but Iowa has shown its traditional late-season swoon losing at home to Maryland and we actually played like a basketball team at home against Purdon't. Hoosiers 68 Wrens 64
  10. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 26 - Purdue 2/19/19)

    IU 64 Purdon't 62
  11. Hoosiers 60 Gilt-painted Rodents 55
  12. Hoosiers 75 Buckteeth 64
  13. incrediboy

    Prediction League (Game 23 - Iowa 2/7/19)

    Tough opponent, but I'll take Hoosiers 77 Hawklips 72