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  1. Joakim Noah just finished his 2nd year of a 4 year/72 Million dollar fully guaranteed contract and has played like… https://t.co/OhMLgmr8QA

  2. Absolutely heartbreaking. https://t.co/YUn5wOpcbB

  3. #TheThirteenth by @ava dives into this. It’s a must watch. https://t.co/SYmhxeTTu7

  4. @BassoftheSea I loved A Quiet Place.

  5. RT @Geistgators: Thank you Sean Addison from @IndyPremierSC for hosting an Adaptive PE class for GES Life Skills Students. https://t.co/hvN…

  6. RT @walterowensgrpa: I sure hope Owen ( my grand-son) stops being *** before he is old enough to join Donald Trump;s Space-Force ,, as I d…

  7. @isaacherman The NBA is so beautiful

  8. RT @greeneandy: This started on a whim back in November when I realized my favorite episode of The Office was coming up on its ten year ann…

  9. RT @Justinfication: Wow, I’ve seen/heard a lot of MLK footage but this is the first time I’ve seen this interview. How profound this is. ht…

  10. RT @NickKristof: Fascinating chart from @axios shows how inflation-adjusted public teacher salaries have gone down in the great majority of…

  11. @MoeHyde and I made it to the last question in HQ tonight I can’t stop shaking.

  12. RT @SheaSerrano: a first year teacher in oklahoma makes $31,600 -- 10 years of experience gets you to $35,900 -- that level of pay is extre…

  13. RT @walterowensgrpa: If Jesus did not like profits as the liberal’s like to claim ,, then why did he wrote so much about them in the Bibl…

  14. @JudsonYoder Reminiscent of our Goshen league team only not nearly as good.

  15. RT @mr_jasonjones: I hear former Kings star DeMarcus Cousins has reached out to the family of Stephon Clark to cover funeral expenses.