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  1. Cycling through coach after coach after coach didn't hurt Alabama, from Bryant to Saban only one lasted more than 3 years and a couple didn't last a full year. Or we could continue giving free passes like Oprah and making excuses, because that has worked so well.
  2. JSHoosier

    Fire Fred Glass

    Exactly, off court issues just made it even easier to get rid of him.
  3. JSHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Never want a player to get hurt, but if MSU went into Assembly Hall at less than full strength I wouldn't complain. I mean IU will quit at the first bit of adversity if they bother showing up at all, but still.
  4. JSHoosier

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr.

    A grad transfer is one thing, just stay away from guys that were marginal mid-major players.
  5. JSHoosier

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr.

    Yeah, I'm certain the Brooks ship has sailed. He watched pUKe destroy UT while we get massacred by Minnesota with our coaches looking useless.
  6. JSHoosier

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    IIRC Langford drew a charge against O$U.
  7. JSHoosier

    Fire Fred Glass

    Please, Alabama football went through 8 coaches between Bear Bryant and Nick Saban and only one lasted more than 2-3 years (Gene Stallings only lasted 6 years) with some of them winning COY awards. Gillespie was only at pUKe for 2 years. If this crap was happening there those fans would burn the coach's house to the ground and roast marshmallows over the smoldering ruins.
  8. JSHoosier

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    Enough talent not lose 10 of the last 11. Enough talent to at least ride the early big wins into the tournament without a complete collapse. We need to stop the damn excuses.
  9. JSHoosier

    Fire Fred Glass

    Still won't happen. McRobbie couldn't possibly care less.
  10. JSHoosier

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    And instead of accountability, we'll make excuses and give free passes.
  11. JSHoosier

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    They say here's the expectations, either you meet them or we'll find someone who will. They don't don't make frigging excuses, they don't give free passes. Do it or get the hell out.
  12. JSHoosier

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    The only chance for a win the rest of the year is Rutgers in Bloomington, and even that's a stretch.
  13. JSHoosier

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    That game's already over.
  14. JSHoosier

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    Don't waste the gas, make them walk.