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  1. https://www.courant.com/sports/uconn-mens-basketball/hc-sp-clb-uconn-men-notebook-indiana-20191209-20191209-ukcjoozg6vc47gtst2wtm735vy-story.html
  2. We have at least 22 games remaining and we're 9-1. With a P5 schedule that will (even with the cupcake appetizers) be in the top 50, we probably need 20 or more wins for a tournament berth.That means we need to go 11-11 over those 22 games. If ya count two against Nebraska, a home game against a terrible NW squad, and a home game against a really bad Minny team as all but sure wins, that means we need to go 7-11 against teams with a pulse. Of those 18 games against teams with a pulse, two are in Indianapolis (ND and a B1G tourney game) and seven others are in Bloomington. One those games is a home game against Arky, whose toughest opponent so far has been against Western Kentucky (Kenpom 87). Arky lost to them at home in the game Bassey left with injury early in the second half. Soooooo... if we can go win seven of 18 games that will be tests, half of which are either home or Indy games, we are a tourney team. FYI, so far we are 2-0 against likely tourney teams (FSU & UConn; I left out Wisky and La Tech even though they both have a legit shot). Summary takeaway? We have put ourselves in a very good position.
  3. And that's why I'm so pleased with how Armaan Franklin has looked. He has all the tools and the mindset to be a major contributor by the middle of next year, if not sooner.
  4. Yup - I thought that Justin Smith was quietly excellent last night. With very few exceptions, it seems as though the game summaries for him this year have been either 1) notably excellent, or 2) quietly excellent. His defense is so consistently top shelf.
  5. Rob, TJD, and Justin are cornerstones. Everyone else we have do certain things well. There's a "never know what you're gonna get" quality to eight of the players we use, and that makes it hard for Archie to find the best lineup on many nights. On the downside, that will likely be a common theme throughout the season. On the up side, Archie will have so many other viable choices when a player is not performing.
  6. Per Archie: Rob Phinisee had more minutes on the court last night than he's had in practice over the last two months.FWIW, Rob Phinisee had 13 minutes on the court last night. He is a fantastic on-court leader and contributor, and is only ten games into his sophomore year.The point guard position at IU is in very good hands.
  7. In my opinion... There is a natural myopic focus that everything bad which happens is a direct result of IU's play. If you read the UConn board post-game thread it's the same thing; everything that was amiss was directly attributed to a UConn player. Let's turn the tables a bit. Last night: UConn had real length and strength in the post. IU's bigs were up against high-level talent. IU's bigs, especially Brunk, did a good job adjusting to their opponent and were much more effective late. IU's guards had extremely active hands when doubling. UConn hasn't seen a team yet that closed gaps and driving lanes. Polley on UConn is a matchup nightmare; he's very long but is a 40+% three point shooter. Smith on IU did a great job closing out on him. In fact, all of IU's closeouts were excellent, and frustrated UConn into a bad shooting night. UConn plays hard; they are engaged on defense on pretty much every possession. The level of intensity made it hard for the star freshmen on each team to thrive. Franklin, TJD, and Bouknight were a bit overwhelmed at times.
  8. I am shocked that you feel this way. TIC
  9. No, Nebraska this weekend is a must win. This would be a good win, but our season could be a very good one with an NCAA tournament appearance regardless of whether we win or lose this game.
  10. Irrationally exuberant Hoosier Guy has morphed into mob-style threat Hoosier Guy! ;)
  11. IUBB: 85 (Tim) Miles Away From Success: 68
  12. It was. And I consider myself fairly good at irony detection usually! if 'tic', then I approve.
  13. Stuhoo

    Poll: Archie Miller

    A point not yet made, and pretty insightful IMO.
  14. Stuhoo

    IUBB vs Wisconsin Game Thread 12/7 @ 4:30 pm BTN

    One of the worst losses imaginable? Also moved up seven spots in the coaches poll; from 41st last week to 34th this week.
  15. Stuhoo

    IUBB vs Wisconsin Game Thread 12/7 @ 4:30 pm BTN

    One of the worst losses imaginable? AP polls for the week are out. We moved up seven spots, from 36th last week to 29th this week.
  16. Stuhoo

    Poll: Archie Miller

    Old Fart voted for him in 1860.
  17. Stuhoo

    Poll: Archie Miller

    This is a sad, self-pitying thread. The picture you posted was far too ecstatic.
  18. Stuhoo

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    All good my friend. Your fastball is still world class; like Nolan Ryan had at age 40.
  19. You’re never as good as your best day and you’re never as bad as your worst day. Indiana Hoosiers basketball is extraordinary entertainment. Of course you should go
  20. Stuhoo

    College Bball Thread

    Lamar Stevens got his first two fouls in the parking lot. So so glad we finally have depth.
  21. Stuhoo

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    Oh wow. This young man is on a different athletic level of any IU player save for Vic, Troy, and Steve Hart.