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  1. Stuhoo

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    Darren Wolfson‏Verified account @ Minneapolis 5 Eyewitness News jack-of-all-trades sports guy/anchor/reporter and @SkorNorth contributor/host Texted with his dad yesterday. Marquette visit went well. Tough decision. 4:58 PM - 11 Nov 2019
  2. Stuhoo

    College Bball Thread

    Bohannon is a shell of last year. Iowa lost A LOT from an average team. They are no bueno.
  3. Stuhoo

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    Mostly this. I’m with gradman on this one.
  4. “Load management” is to Archie as “game face” is for Coach Knight:
  5. Stuhoo

    College Bball Thread

    I think that as a coach you’re right; but Tom Crean is a really good guy and I’m pretty sure that Underwood is harder to root for.
  6. Stuhoo

    College Bball Thread

    They were 12-21 last year. They added a good true big, but he is one of only have two guys over 6’6” that will play. They also have no backup point. They are an injury to one of their bigs away from being a 12 win team again. If they win about 16 games they will have had a decent year. I just cannot imagine that they will be a tourney team.
  7. Stuhoo

    College Bball Thread

    When ya move back that 3PT line and guys still want to shoot them, it goes down.
  8. Stuhoo

    College Bball Thread

    Sez you! After two games Nojel Eastern has NOT YET MISSED ONE SINGLE FT OR 3PT SHOT ALL SEASON!! ;)
  9. Stuhoo

    College Bball Thread

    So if two guys run into each other don’t call nuttin?
  10. With the new three point distance 35-37% will be among leading team % nationally
  11. At this rate we will have seven players with 8 or more points. Interesting that in a more competitive game, the only player that didn’t see the floor in the first half was Damezi.
  12. Stuhoo

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    I just went to the MU Board. There was a PHOTO circulating of Garcia playing with his phone. The entire takeaway from that is that for five seconds he was distracted. lol
  13. Stuhoo

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    You just never know. It’s great that his IU visit apparently went so well. Marquette may have had the edge, and if his Marquette visit is awesome too? Oh well. Or, two Marquette players that aren’t getting along could have it out within earshot of his parents; you never know.
  14. Portland State = chaos...full court press all game and super fast tempo. This one’s gonna be interesting. If we have less than 15 turnovers (yes, more than ten should be expected) we’ll be fine.