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  1. We get Nebrasketball twice next year, which is good news indeed.
  2. Kentucky is quite literally the single, only school where a five star comes in and doesn’t expect to necessarily start right away; not even Duke or Kansas have that dynamic. And I am not a fan of the Kentucky model; it’s certainly not what it seemed you were advocating for either.
  3. Two guards will start for sure, and they’ll come from Rob, Al, and DeVonte. He would have had to beat out two of DeRon, TJD, Smith, and Hunter to start at IU. Likely, but not certain by any means; especially when you consider that the two most likely he’d have beat out in the eyes of most are Smith and DeRon, which would have left us with an all freshman front line.
  4. The IU players that are in Cook Hall!
  5. We already have that - a stable of top 150 players who haven't yet established themselves as rotation players, but will get a chance to compete for that right this season; Armaan Franklin, Race Thompson, Damezi Anderson, and Joey Brunk this coming year. The other seven are either top 50 players with baked-in expectations (TJD & Jerome Hunter), or are experienced and already have a rotation role (Al, Rob, Justin, DeRon, DeVonte). The problems we had last year were in the won/lost column, not in continuing to adjust the roster for class balance and competition; we're pretty good there.
  6. They're okay with it until their kid is sitting on the bench during crunch time for multiple games in a row, and other kids are either mucking things up or being interviewed on ESPN, while their kid sits and steams. That happens at all schools, but it's probably worse when the kid in question is a borderline five star.
  7. Geez ... hate to beat a dead horse, but looks like UK is about to add Jaden McDaniels, a skinny 5*, 6'9" small forward. That leaves McDaniels, Juziang, Sestina, Richards, Whitney, Montgomery, Allen, and Brooks all fighting for the same 3/4/5 minutes. Eight players for three spots, and while Keion is very good, I'm not sure he starts the summer with a clear playing time advantage over any of them except Allen. McDaniels, Sestina, and Montgomery would seem to be 20+ mpg guys. He may end up being a one and done, but it will likely have to be based on 15 mpg at most.
  8. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/2019/05/09/oakland-grizzlies-grad-transfer-jaevin-cumberland-would-fill-need-michigan-wolverines-basketball/1151209001/
  9. He wanted to try a new challenge in life. Many people are wired that way.
  10. Stuhoo

    2019 May AAU Season

    I think his team kind of stinks. Pretty sure they don’t have much of a choice but to let him shoot at will.
  11. No. After that exchange, the young man traveled up and took a three day visit to campus, hung out with players and coaches, and was gracious and interested throughout.
  12. Stuhoo


    This post is underrated in it's concise awesomeness.
  13. So true; however, unlike Mike Davis, Archie's Dayton teams absolutely DID embody that "bulldog mentality."
  14. Stuhoo

    (2020) PG Ethan Morton to Purdue

    Took about 45 seconds to figure out, and produced many good tidings and giggles. I’m comfortable with how it turned out.