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  1. johnsoniu

    #IUWBB - 2019 NCAA Tournament

    Whew Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  2. johnsoniu

    #IUWBB - 2019 NCAA Tournament

    Karma Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  3. johnsoniu

    #IUWBB - 2019 NCAA Tournament

    5 seconds my @$$ Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  4. johnsoniu

    College Bball Thread

    Go Monarchs! Or whatever the heck they are Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  5. johnsoniu

    Fire Fred Glass

    Purdue's is set up the same way as ours, but they have one more member who must be a graduate of the school of agriculture. (insert joke here) The only other two I know off the top of my head are Oklahoma and Texas, who both have fully appointed boards.
  6. Thursday! Jeebus, I gotta scrounge up a 5th TV.
  7. johnsoniu

    Fire Fred Glass

    You two quit with the Beilein discussion. I'm trying to rally the troops and passing out pitchforks to storm the ivory towers of the BoT. Focus people, focus.
  8. johnsoniu

    Fire Fred Glass

    Gonso was the QB on the football team that went to the Rose Bowl. I had some hope when he and Buckner were appointed. They're both in the first terms so we'll see if they can make a little difference.
  9. johnsoniu

    Fire Fred Glass

    He just won re-election two years ago, so he's there for another year minimum.I waged a mini campaign on here to rally some votes against him, but voting is in early summer so it was pretty dead in here and no one listens to me anyway lol. The interaction I've got on this thread is by far the biggest response in my decade of complaining about him. I'm expecting a cease and desist pm any time now. After next year Holcomb can either re-appoint him or he'll have to run again. At this point it's like trying to oust a long serving congressman. A scandal might indeed be our best bet. I've got friends in low places.
  10. johnsoniu

    Fire Fred Glass

    Powerful and very influential member of the BoT. Has been for a long time. He's the last member of what I call the Revenge of the Nerds clan that were going to show us simpletons that Indiana University was so much more than Bob Knight and basketball. Was instrumental in the hiring of Adam Herbert, which directly resulted in the horrible hiring of Sampson. I'm not going to argue him being a great coach and the silliness of his transgressions not even being illegal anymore. I fought that battle a decade ago, and the fallout is still being felt. The administration got what they wanted. Then he oversees the hiring of McKangaroo. Nothing like going from a president who's so involved that he insists we hire a coach that is in hot water with the NCAA to one that still thinks we need ladders in the Hall to get the ball out of the peach basket. Luckily, we started getting $$$ from the BTN so we could dress up our facilities a little. Lipstick on a pig. IUgradman catches a lot of grief on here, sometimes from me. But he is passionate and not entirely wrong. This administration made a conscious decision 20 years ago that no sport was bigger than the IU name, and Patrick Shoulders has been a big player in that administration for all 20 years. Revenge of the Nerds indeed.
  11. johnsoniu

    Fire Fred Glass

    Yep. 17 years on the board, before that chair of the Alumni Association, before that the Varsity Club. He's been there the entire time. He's the last person that should be sitting in a meeting pointing fingers and paying lip service to "patience running out". I smelled a rat 12 years ago, unfortunately I was right.
  12. johnsoniu

    2019 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    Thursday- Villanova Friday- Cincinnati
  13. johnsoniu

    IUWBB Bracketology

    The WorldWide Leader!