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  1. 8:30 tip on a Thursday night. I would expect the students to be oiled up and ready to roar. Like I said in the prediction thread, The Hall still has some magic left in her, especially if a slightly inebriated student section is involved.
  2. Hoosiers- 69 Sparrty- 67 The Hall still has some magic left in her
  3. johnsoniu

    College Bball Thread

    Is he suspended with or without pay? Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. Hoosiers- 71 Bugeaters- 72
  5. Hoosiers- 67 SwampRats- 66
  6. johnsoniu

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    Moses Abraham. An epic thread. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  7. johnsoniu

    Daily MLB Banter

  8. johnsoniu

    OC Candidates

    You called it https://www.si.com/college/indiana/football/indiana-football-kevin-wright-joins-staff-img-academy This is a huge hire. The recruiting doors he opens in state and in Florida can't be overstated. As far as Sheridan goes, I can understand some of the pensive reactions. I'm a bit biased as I coached Nick in jr high and know his dad. His dad is a long time asst coach at the high D1 and NFL level. It's a football family with the mindset that will mesh well with what CTA preaches. Nick as a freshman had a football IQ that was off the charts and a personality of a true leader. If he's continued to develop those qualities, I think we may have gotten us a real good one. Go Hoosiers!
  9. johnsoniu

    Music Thread

    When you go to a concert and spend 90% of the time watching the drummer. That was Neil Peart. The music world lost a legend. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  10. Hoosiers- 67 Bucknuts- 70
  11. Hoosiers- 74 Cats- 66
  12. Yep, 26 pages in 3 days. Here's the cliff-notes version for all the stragglers: - A lot of people are pretty ticked at Archie -Some people are upset that a lot of people are ticked at Archie - Kentucky fans are psychopaths. ( Nothing new there, but I always like to point that out). - The Chicago Cubs never had a manager for more than 6 seasons during their 108 year World Series drought - Mdn and Josh are having drinks at Nips house in Florida in June or July. I think we should all crash the party.
  13. johnsoniu

    Whop Returning

    Excellent! I wonder if he has knowledge of who the new OC might be and if that swayed his decision at all. Either way, great news.
  14. STFU Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app