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  1. djsalway

    RIP - Terry Hutchens - 1958-2018

    What a sad story. Loved reading Hutch’s work and was always excited when I heard he had a new book coming out. When we got him to join here, it was an incredible step up for the site and I think we are all better for working alongside Hutch, even if it was only a brief period. I’ll be sending my thoughts his family’s way, it must be harder given that it is the holiday season.
  2. djsalway

    Fantasy CBB

    djsalway@indiana.edu Thanks!
  3. djsalway

    Fantasy CBB

    Any spots left? Been on a little hiatus and just now seeing this. If not, perfectly fine, but figured I could try to get in last minute!
  4. Yeah I loved Marcelino the first day I saw him at camp. He's huge for a true freshman and really seems to understand where to be on the field. Looking ahead to a bright future, he's the real deal.
  5. djsalway

    NFL Pick'ems

    Just joined!
  6. djsalway

    Btown Banners Fantasy Football

  7. djsalway

    James Blackmon Declares

    I was actually surprised it took him this long to declare. Figured everyone who was at least somewhat a next level prospect, including TB, would at least test the waters. But oh well, at least he has finally declared and can get some good feedback to see where he needs to work on his game.
  8. Not necessarily... Severity currently unknown.
  9. djsalway

    Troy Williams Decision

    If he didn't get into a grad school on campus, he could always begin another undergraduate degree program.
  10. djsalway

    BTownBanners "Moolah" NCAA Bracket Challenge

    Thanks for the money everyone!
  11. djsalway

    BTownBanners Moolah Fantasy Baseball

    Jaybob, finally got around to sending you the money. Let me know if you got it!
  12. djsalway

    Prediction League Sweet 16 NCAAs IU vs UNC

    IU - 79 Unc - 76
  13. djsalway

    Declaring early for the draft

      If he got that feedback, then yes. But there's almost no chance he gets a first round grade.
  14. djsalway

    Declaring early for the draft

    It's just because of the new rules. Obviously no chance he actually goes.