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  9. Well, losing sucks. There is no way around that. I could hear Herm Edwards ringing through my head as I find myself not as mad as I should be. Noah Vonleh was 0-1 with 2 rebounds, 4 turnovers, and 4 fouls. We had a shot to win. Yogi Ferrell was our best player on the court in the money time and went 6-19 and we had a chance to win. How did we have a chance to win against a legit top 25 team on a night where our 2 best players were struggling this bad? Depth and defense. UConn did things you would expect a team to do of that caliber at times. However, we made them look human offensively. In the past, under Crean we lose this game by 20+. As a team it isn't pretty, but it isn't as bad as you would think for how we started. The good guys ended up with 17 turnovers. We ended up shooting 40.8% from the field as a team which is pretty decent considering the level of defense we were up against. From the line, IU was 15-22. Far fewer than previous games, but you would expect that. The true test for IU would be on the boards. On a night where Vonleh was non-existent we still ended up flush on the boards with 34 apiece which is astonishing. Props to Devin Davis for his 7 boards in the game. He had his issues down the stretch with 2 costly turnovers, but that is what you get with freshman. Individually, it was downright ugly. If you look across the list of every player, is there any player who you can say honestly had a good game? Tom Sheehey was decent with 12 points and 4 boards. Yogi was as inefficient as you will ever see. Evan Gordon went 3-3 for 6 points. Devin Davis got 7 and 7. Jeremy had 7, but was really hit and miss no more and no less than Yogi and Noah. Troy was especially quiet after a fantastic game on Thursday. If someone can look at the stats, and explain to me how we had a shot to win, I would be grateful. I can't even comprehend how this was a 1 point game. What to take away from this game? Well, I think this game will be the game where these kids at some point in their career point back to as a point where they realize they can be pretty good. Shooting can be improved by work during the summer. You can't teach that heart, defense, and athleticism that carried us in that game. No way should we have been in that game. Crean hates losing more than anyone of us, but he will put that tape in and show them how they stayed in that game. A loss sucks. No way around that. We will lose games this year, but we learned a lot about the heart this team will carry all year and beyond. There will be bumps along the road, but win or lose this team is exciting and easy to cheer on.
  10. We went into MSG, and dominated unlike many thought we could. That score showed an 18 point victory, but it felt much bigger. Indiana was in complete control throughout. The kids were on display for the world to see. Troy had the game of his young college life at MSG. The kids dictated the pace, controlled the boards, and hit their FTs. End result is we all go to bed happy Hoosiers. Jeremy did not have a good game, but as good of a game as Noah Vonleh had, his double-double streak ended one rebound shy. Our current version of the Hurryin Hoosiers out-rebounded the Huskies 47-27. You read that correctly. That was as dominant as we will be all year on the glass. With 8 minutes to go, Noah heard the collective voice of Hoosier fans urging for that last rebound. It wasn't meant to be tonight. As a team we were all over the glass. Also encouraging was how we performed at the line. As a team we went 31-36. If we can stay in that 75% range with how much we get to the line, we will be very tough to beat. One wrinkle of Tom Crean's offense we hadn't seen as much is the backcuts. They were there all game and we took advantage of a defense who over-rotated all night. How about those kids, huh? Troy Williams was a beast tonight with 22 points and 6 boards. Yogi chipped in his normal 20 points, but had 7 assists in this one. Noah added 18 points and 9 lonely boards. Will was solid with 16 points / 4 boards / 3 assists. On the flip side, Jeremy was exceptionally bad in the first half. He had half of the team's turnovers in the half. It was a night to forget as well for Hanner. Stan and Devin offered solid minutes off the bench. Luke and Evan were fairly solid as well. Back to Jeremy and Hanner though. Yes they had rough games. That doesn't mean they can't play. We are a young team, and hopefully everyone understands the importance of depth. When a kid has a bad game, it doesn't mean they should get kicked off the team or benched. We will very possibly need that kid to carry us in some way the next game. Lets just hope these kids have shorter memory than some of us. Great game in a tough environment for a young group of kids. It could have been intimidating, but these kids came out hot, and never really let up. They had an intensity that was easy to get behind. As with most games we will witness this year, there were good things, as well as bad. They are very young. They are also very good. We get a real quality measuring stick up next. Hoo's up for UConn? Photo Credit: IndyStar.com
  11. Welcome to the 2013-14 version of the Indiana Hoosiers everyone! That was what we should come to expect for this season. The unexpected. We are talented. We are also very young. We came out like most would have expected, jumping out to an early lead. Then, our youth seemed to take over it seemed. Suddenly we turned into a jump shooting team, missing shot after shot. Will had about as bad of a half as one will ever see him have. I can't even say we "righted" the ship. We survived. That is it. The announcers appointed Will as the player of the game, but this was all Noah Vonleh. His 17 and 11 were so much bigger than Will's 19/7/6. Some will disagree with that, but without what Noah did in the First Half, we don't win this game. Yogi put up 17 points in a game where he was frustrated most of the night. Troy had 9 and 6. Jeremy had 6 and 6. Beyond that, it was slim pickings for the Hoosiers. Stan had some key minutes on both ends as did Devin. As a team we did what you would expect on the boards. We out-rebounded them 48-35. One area more wouldn't have expected us to improve in this type of game is with the turnovers. We had 14 in a game that was up and down, and as ugly as the women in West Lafayette. We did have 13 assists on 27 field goals. I don't expect there to be many games where we shoot under 40% and win. This counts as one. A lucky one. As fans we don't like to see this type of a win so early in the season. There will be positives that come from this game. Noah took this game and put it on his shoulders in the First Half when it seemed we had lost control. As a freshman the only thing more impressive is his patience in hectic moments. This game was no fun for anyone. There is no sugar coating that. This is just one game that will help the kids that matter more than all of us. They are young, but they all helped us age a little more on this evening. HIGHLIGHTS:
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    Rapid Reaction - USI

    Well, this will be new for all of us. I am especially excited for our new home and new features. This is one of those. As the year goes on, I will probably involve stats more and more. This game had so many questions going into it, and the stats wouldn't do it justice for some of the players. Troy Williams - Kid is going to be a stud if he keeps working the way he does. His athleticism was as impressive as I can remember for a freshman. He was all over the place. At times he was the superior player on the court. He had a block toward the end of the game only Vic could compete with. Solid line of 10 pts / 10 rebounds / 3 blocks. Noah Vonleh - Made a bold prediction during the game, he would lead the league in rebounds. I don't feel I am overhyping him because he is a Hoosier either. The ball finds him in a Reggie Evans sort of way. It just always seemed to bounce his way during the game and he has as sure of hands as I have seen. He led a break and looked comfortable doing so. He knocked down a 3 from the top of the key. He also went 0-5 from the line. He has some work, but they all do. 9 pts / 12 boards Yogi "I want to be Jordy" Ferrell - Well, it was the two extremes I think we see from Yogi this year. He was fantastic from 3, hitting 6-10. The flip side is he was very loose with the ball having 4 turnovers. At times he was looking for the spectacular play, instead of the smart play. That said he had 20 points on a solid shooting night. He will be just fine in this new role. Will Sheehey - He just seemed off tonight. Like many times last year where he would get lost in the shuffle, he seemed to tonight. He will have to be more assertive for us to be successful. Not only that, he will have to be more consistent. Best of the rest - How about Hanner Perea? That kid was shaky at first, but got it going and just looked comfortable. He hit a baseline jumper outside of anything Zeller hit in 2 years at IU. He went 5-5 from the line on a night where nobody could hit. He was active on defense and on the boards. If he keeps working he adds to the depth we were sorely missing last year. Jeremy and Evan played large roles, and you can see how much Crean expects out of them. To me, they were mostly blah. Jeremy didn't look any different than the player that couldn't find his role last year. Crean had him out on the point a few times. We will see if they can gain some confidence in an early season schedule that will allow for some missteps. Bottom Line - Two things really. It is basketball, and we are IU. It is most definitely a different year. This is a team that will have to win in transition, and will come nowhere near the efficiency of last year or probably even the year before. I feel better than I did heading into it. I was impressed by how assertive Hanner and Luke were (even if he didn't have the greatest game). That just means we will have depth we haven't had in Crean's tenure. I can easily see a team where we are going 10 deep regularly. Last year we struggled to go beyond 7. The flip side to that is we will need it. We aren't the well oiled offensive machine of last year. We will rely on defense and athleticism to win games. Going forward I will probably rely a lot more on stats. This game was more about seeing what positions Crean put his players in. I am excited for the upside of this team. There will also be nights where I will probably drink myself to sleep. That said, if there is anything you guys and gals want me to add, let me know.