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  1. @snyderguy @alicrompton @BrianZahnd Sounds like from his oldest book School of the Seers. He’s moved into much more… https://t.co/4InzzcIRtL

  2. RT @TheMopLady: Archie Miller has recruited the state of Indiana more successfully in one year than any #IUBB coach has in the last 20 year…

  3. @AssemblyCall @insidethehall Any idea if Romeo’s announcement will be live-streamed by anyone?

  4. RT @SportsCenter: Yup, the brakes work just fine. https://t.co/nwrblOcz66

  5. TFW @Crackle uploads new Seinfeld episodes. https://t.co/WS7dLfjKci

  6. @braedonberens I live for broccoli cheddar soup.

  7. RT @TobyHater: *sniffs wine* This is a white.

  8. With the FBI probe into NCAA basketball, it makes me that much more grateful for @TomCrean and the clean program he… https://t.co/xlBD9y2FI4

  9. Watching the Real vs PSG match today got me pumped for the World Cup this summer.

  10. @jdkinginsights Second one ????????

  11. @modernfather @KyrieIrving Agreed. It was so much more fun to watch pre “super team” era.

  12. RT @ChronicHoosier: Some nights you don't get the result you wanted but still end up seeing the signs that you needed. Arch has 'em headed…

  13. RT @richvillodas: If anyone fits neatly in any political party, that person doesn't fit neatly in the Kingdom of God.

  14. When you turn on the #iubb all excited, but then hear Dakich commentating... https://t.co/B6a0UmPiZO

  15. Last 2 games: End of Illinois game Devonte throws a laser pass to Juwan’s foot. End of PU game RoJo dribbles off hi… https://t.co/YtQ9hAeHeY