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  1. I'm not sure how quickly you pull the data, but I made a slight change.  I changed my Colorado pick to USC.  FYI is all.


    Also FYI...you can't currently receive messages.

  2. Naturalhoosier

    (2018) RB Markese Stepp

    Cathedral HS
  3. What's on my mind?!?!  A freaking Tarheel beatdown...that's what's on my mind!

  4. Naturalhoosier

    (2016) LB Tim Hart to Tennessee

    Memphis University School
  5. Naturalhoosier

    (2016) ATH Jonah Morris

    Archbishop Hoban HS
  6. Naturalhoosier

    (2016) ATH Kiante Enis to Michigan

    Winchester Community
  7. Naturalhoosier

    (2016) WR Kee Whetzel

    Countryside HS
  8. Naturalhoosier

    (2016) ATH Tyler Natee

    Trinity, HS
  9. Naturalhoosier

    (2016) ILB Vershawn Brock to Army

    Morgan Park HS
  10. Naturalhoosier

    (2016) OLB Maciah Long to Kansas

    North Shore HS
  11. Naturalhoosier

    (2016) RB Hussein Howe

    University Christian
  12. Naturalhoosier

    (2016) LB Chris Evans to Michigan

    Ben Davis HS