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  1. Naturalhoosier

    College Football Thread

    Go Army!!!! Truth be told, I don't have a horse. Just rooting for the underdog. Love watching this game though.
  2. Naturalhoosier

    Bowl Projection

    Seems like it's a good deal for the hob-knobbin' crowd. I just want to watch the game. I too thought that package was way overpriced.
  3. Naturalhoosier

    Bowl Projection

    I wish. My wife dropped Thors hammer on me when I made the suggestion. :(
  4. Naturalhoosier

    Book Thread

    Finished "41: A Portrait of my Father" by George W Bush. A pretty straightforward memoir from a loving son. Regardless of political lean, this is a wonderful heartfelt book.
  5. Naturalhoosier

    Bowl Projection

    Check out hotels.com. I found a decent amount in the $100-$150 range within 3-4 miles of the stadium. Edit...that was yesterday morn FWIW.
  6. Naturalhoosier

    Prediction League (Game 10 - UCONN 12/10/19)

    IU - 74 UCONN - 69
  7. Naturalhoosier

    (2020) RB Charlie Spegal

    That is awesome!!! He'll earn a scholarship before his career at IU is over.
  8. Naturalhoosier

    Bowl Projection

    ESPN is saying the same vs either Tennesse or Kentucky.
  9. Naturalhoosier

    College Football Thread

    How'd they miss that false start on the OSU TD?! Not sure what was more obvious, the false start or LeBron James' travel/double dribble the other night.
  10. Depth! Can never have too much depth on the o-line!
  11. Naturalhoosier

    Extend Tom Allen

    Sorry, wasn't trying to imply. :)
  12. Naturalhoosier

    Extend Tom Allen

    Not seeing the issue on this one.
  13. Naturalhoosier

    IUWBB @ Miami - 12/4/19 @ 6:00 ET

    These last few weeks have been great exposure for the Ladies program! Hopefully they can ride this wave with recruits as well. Would be nice if this season is the norm not the exception.