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About Me

I have been a die hard IU fan since I can remember.  I grew up on Indiana Hoosier basketball, with Kirk Haston and Tom Coverdale being my favorite players at a young age. My father had me on the couch watching IU games, so I had no other choice but the be a crazy IU fan.  Luckily, I have broadened my IU fandom that has grown to love many IU sports.  Really enjoy football, soccer, baseball/softball, field hockey, etc., and of course women's basketball.  

St. Louis Cardinals baseball is almost even with my love for IU basketball.  I also coach baseball, and it is the best joy besides my awesome wife.  I am also a big fan of the Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Blues. Besides following sports teams, my favorite things to do are fishing and golfing.  I don't get to do both nearly as much as I would like, but there's nothing better than being outdoors doing those two things. 

I started my IU message board days on ESPN.  I tried doing Rivals, but couldn't stand their format.  I was just a poster at ESPN until I found the Scout board.  I was an avid member there, and was promoted to a moderator during the the beginning Sampson years.  Unfortunately, there was a rift between mods and the admin, so we decided to part ways. It was a blessing in disguise because we created Hoosier Sports Nation, which quickly became the best IU fan forum on the web.  From there, we decided to merge with 247, which unfortunately didn't work out.  Some of us departed that site to join forces with BTownBanners.  Extremely happy with the way things have turned out, because this site is now THEE IU fan forum on the web.