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  1. HoosierJenn

    Yogi's Mom Knows...

      I seriously LOOOOOVE that you post here!  I know some people might give you some flack for posting, but as a Hoosier lady myself, I love seeing what you have to say.  Thanks Doc!
  2. HoosierJenn

    Hollowell & Etherington transferring..

      Do you care about the players drinking?  The whole team (majority under 21) has been drinking this year.  It's college, so I don't see anything wrong with that?  It's illegal as well, do you feel the same way about that?
  3. HoosierJenn

    ARTICLE:Pre-Season Preview: Goalkeepers

    I go to a TON of soccer games. I hope whoever ends up in goal will be just as good as last year. I know that's really optimistic thinking, but a girl can hope right???
  4. HoosierJenn

    ARTICLE:Hoosiers Summer League Report

    Poor CWat... :( Hope he finds a home with somebody
  5. HoosierJenn

    ARTICLE:Summer Update: Indiana Hoosiers Players

    I'm so happy to see Austin back and in a leadership role! Keep working hard Austin, WE LOVE YOU!!! <3<3