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  1. @phishphan682 https://t.co/qXHlZrQdOA

  2. @dcsportsbog @MikeMillerHT https://t.co/g5yfR9I6kU

  3. @KBowen1070 We are building this team with junkyard parts.

  4. @mcaction2442 You’re definitely the thorn among roses.

  5. @Jtwatson @hqtrivia It did the same thing again. You didn’t miss a thing.

  6. @drewmagary This logo is the result of every client getting to make every decision, everywhere.

  7. @RobertMathis98 Finger painting has never been cooler.

  8. I really hope @peegs and @JeffRabjohns talked about an app at their conference. Probably just ate and drank though.

  9. Kicked the heal of my front foot while walking and broke my pinky toe. https://t.co/2gkKrGBLfi

  10. RT @ABC: A large inflatable duck escaped a charity event in Des Moines, Iowa, after breaking free of its tethers, and was spotted tumbling…

  11. I’ve always wanted a Sproles like RB on the #colts and now we have one!

  12. @JMV1070 do you know how much teams talk to other teams about possible trade scenarios if the picks go a certain way?

  13. RT @Librarytech87: Prison librarian here. Looking for people who want to donate fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, comics, graph…

  14. It bothers me how much food Hogwarts wastes each meal. #HarryPotter

  15. RT @World_Wide_Wob: Yahoo not even using their own search engine is all we need to know https://t.co/Ym1zytI1BR