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  1. @beerock16 @sjwag @dkight1 @mholland3233 @mdgoodrick #hippie

  2. @celebrityhottub @edsbs She would be a perfect Fullcast guest. You guys could all use your porn names.

  3. @TonyD1070 I was told to always do the opposite of what Gronk says or does.

  4. Twitter is the perfect vehicle for misguided outrage.

  5. That reads weird. Don’t care.

  6. @edsbs Being able to act excited when someone invites me to do something and then cancelling last minute.

  7. I wish I had kept all the mirror album covers I wont at the carnival as a kid. https://t.co/SXYG9dCgqx

  8. RT @MattRheaPhD: I have been incredibly fortunate to work for some great football coaches along the way. Very excited to join @IU_CoachBall…

  9. RT @MB_Weaver: Big news for #iufb…David Ballou has been named the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the #Hoosiers https://t.co/slnmGxZoRe

  10. I will never comprehend a time when people had to worry about moths eating their clothes. #WednesdayWisdom

  11. @cynicalpuss Same. I’d be more excited for McDaniels.

  12. @WarJessEagle We prefer the term “Large Children”

  13. When @safelite has snacks in it’s waiting room. https://t.co/CF6cJkQPGW

  14. RT @TSAmedia_LisaF: Mazli is eager to get to work at one of the @TSA checkpoints at @INDairport. She's one of TSA's explosives detection ca…

  15. RT @Elijahrodgerss: 2k by midnight tonight? ???? Help me out Hoosier Nation !! ????⚪️????⚪️????