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  1. RT @Librarytech87: Prison librarian here. Looking for people who want to donate fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, comics, graph…

  2. It bothers me how much food Hogwarts wastes each meal. #HarryPotter

  3. RT @World_Wide_Wob: Yahoo not even using their own search engine is all we need to know https://t.co/Ym1zytI1BR

  4. @tfiess @Sarcastic_Mike Not today, my good man. Just looking to spend my employers money.

  5. "You're not even close. WTF are you doing? Is that a pre-order for a Sega Mega Drive Mini?" https://t.co/M3jSpo73Hf

  6. @tfiess Same here.

  7. @toomuchpete @edsbs Maybe he IS trying to distract him into watching Jurassic Park? I never thought of that.

  8. @NolanHarrison74 Just put this on repeat.

  9. @peegs @JeffRabjohns I've known @JeffRabjohns to be salty but never sour....is what I would have put on the tweet you deleted.

  10. Hoosier mini tournament champs. https://t.co/tCyTLJAEzN

  11. It’s also Experience IU weekend. Speed traps are a great experience I guess.

  12. @CoachKKoonce Stolen from Reddit. I'm not sorry :)

  13. RT @taulbee: Hey design / animation friends - we are hiring a Digital Art Director. Do amazing, ground-breaking work in mobile, social, and…

  14. @Sarcastic_Mike @ImFatPod @Shep670 Don’t blame bacon for the sins of those that screw it up!

  15. RT @ManInTheHoody: Dear @NRA nut jobs... If I photoshop a meme of @dloesch about to burn the constitution and then it gets a ton of retwee…