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  1. @TheHospitalBall @bigten I’m seriously tired of it.

  2. @cmhowden @untappd Knock it off 90% #kidding

  3. @TheHospitalBall @DIRECTV I about burned a place down when they were out of Jai Alai.

  4. @HollyAnderson @celebrityhottub Plenty of room on the #TeamChaos bandwagon

  5. @TheHospitalBall @Sarcastic_Mike Usually you stuff and then mount it but you do you deer.

  6. @cjzero @celebrityhottub @edsbs I’m away from my Photoshop right now, but if you just imagine for a second... https://t.co/tBtRYwqEmC

  7. RT @courierjournal: Rick Pitino raked in 98 percent of the money from University of Louisville's current Adidas deal https://t.co/mJHMEKAQX…

  8. RT @mikeabrusci: The American public wasn't even trusted to use Four Loko responsibly but apparently high powered rifles are fair game

  9. @AssemblyCall Is this the same guy that was heaping praise on him at the Jordan Brand classic practices? I could look it up but #lazy

  10. RT @RedditCFB: New Logos for FBI Investigated Universities, designed by /u/benjaminck on @redditCBB: https://t.co/6ruZnfhIhJ

  11. RT @DarrenHeitner: Sources: Basketball agency ASM Sports was raided today. FBI had warrant, took Andy Miller's computer.

  12. RT @koopa_kinte: Since “disrespecting the flag” is still the narrative being used, this courtesy of the US Flag Code Chapter 10: Respect fo…

  13. RT @NFLPA: Ready to be a student-athlete again? Today is the last day to apply for @KelleySchool: https://t.co/j2UktR6HQr https://t.co/qPwT…

  14. @tfiess @Sarcastic_Mike Worker bees can leave. Even drones can fly away. The Queen is their slave.

  15. I wish this #colts game was on #wthr so I couldn't see it.