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  1. RT @IUBarstool: Oh man, what's Purdue up to now? https://t.co/V7ldaAm47X

  2. RT @Mcswain_Jr21: Thank You ‼️Hoosier Nation ‼️#HoosierForLife ????????

  3. @Bone_Jumper @kaseykahne ????????????????????????Maybe Next Time

  4. @Bone_Jumper Da Hell you guys doing out there? https://t.co/iucH2jcAro

  5. @Bone_Jumper Took out old carpets last night to get to Hardwood floors. Coffee and the ???????? ????????

  6. RT @begreatjake: Warmups get a lil crazy https://t.co/Kjvupak1Na

  7. RT @realDonaldTrump: My prayers and best wishes are with the family of Edwin Jackson, a wonderful young man whose life was so senselessly t…

  8. RT @Tom101010: Memo to DePaul mbb fan base: If you clamor for Tom Crean remember he recruited Indiana very poorly and his teams didn’t defe…

  9. @justin3377 Looks like broken ankle on Brown

  10. @justin3377 I watched Luke Brown Saturday. Very impressive vs Winchester. I also liked Sparks (I think that’s his n… https://t.co/ObqvhbIb7e

  11. @Bone_Jumper @UW @bigten Harbaugh is the Worlds best 8-5 Coach. EVER

  12. #pacers #pacers #pacers

  13. @Bone_Jumper Sorry I’m late on this but they really need a better schedule. @UW would’ve beaten them and maybe most… https://t.co/6PC4XPu7AF

  14. OMG #NationalChampionship

  15. @localsun95 @TheMopLady IU didn’t play UVA the previous year. I think you mean the Game after IU beat UNC. They lost a Heartbreaker