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  1. psychobat3

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    No problem. Thanks.
  2. psychobat3

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    Thx. In looking at previous posts I guess it was probably Snow. Appreciate you addressing my question.
  3. psychobat3

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    Garcia said this, or someone else said it?
  4. psychobat3

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    That's exactly how I interpret open gym for these guys. I don't think they are going to the Hyper and playing against just anybody.
  5. psychobat3

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    Don't really know much about him because I haven't really been following but, would he accept an IU offer on the spot? In reading what some of you guys have to say, it sounds like he is just waiting for an IU offer...............how may times have we heard that though?
  6. psychobat3

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    I thought she was a scholarship athlete on the IU rowing team.
  7. Didn’t know if he was implying other “things” May be in play?
  8. What the hell.......I’m in too. PM please.
  9. I read on one of the other sites (don’t remember which) that they believe Shaka to Louisville is a done deal. (Kind of like Donavan to IU)
  10. I think you’re definitely right. But until he commits.......Katy bar the door.......it’s gonna get SUPER CRAZY on here. Everyone better fasten their seatbelts, this is gonna be a show!
  11. I also, do know his name Langford, Langferd, as was put in first post (I hate autocorrect)
  12. Oh, I know. I’ve been a long time lurker....I just never post. I’ve been lurking on here for about a year.
  13. This forum is going to be nuts.......starting real soon. All of the “Experts” will theorize why he’s going to Vandy, or why he’s going to IU, or why he’s going to Kansas. Then we will have all the people with “connections” to the Langferds telling everyone the latest “facts” they have heard directly from coaches, friends of the family, the family, and even Romeo himself. Lastly, we will have idiots, like myself, who will check this thread religiously to find out the latest on Romeo.