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  1. Str8Hoosiers

    Ed Schilling Leaving, Mike Roberts Arriving

    I don't care about DD 1 little bit, I don't hate him but I don't like him either... I believe he loves IU deep inside, but will do everything in his power from his pulpit to degrade IU and hurt IU because he is disgruntled like a jilted lover. He may love the program and want nothing more than for it to get back to the winning culture etc but nobody would ever surmise that from the way he acts and speaks. Your narrative is that he is such a great guy, a great person, a great IU ambassador and every chance you get you try to convince the world (or at least the BTB world) of this.... but when somebody questions you then no details can be given. Many people have had many interactions with him that have soured them and they are not afraid to talk about it. There have been entire threads and many others derailed by conversation of DD and if he is a good person or not. I just find it amusing that you get so irritated of people having a negative opinion of him through either their own experiences or what they heard or read, but you want everybody to have this grand opinion of how great he is because you say so. Everybody can see he is overly anti-IU (even if that isn't how he feels deep inside), but you say he isn't and we should all just believe you. Many people say he is upset because he didn't get a long term job, or because Alford didn't... but we shouldn't believe any of that because you say constantly how great a person he is....
  2. Getting ready to get started. Got my IU bucket hat on sitting in section 202... stop and say hi if you see me.
  3. Str8Hoosiers

    College Bball Thread

    We weren't ranked preseason... we had votes in the others receiving so we can say we were 28th... at the end of the season we weren't ranked and had no votes, 36 teams had votes so at best we were #37. Maybe it is revisionist but I definitely never remember us being picked 3rd in the Big Ten... 5 Big Ten teams were ranked in the preseason and we weren't but we were projected to be better than at least 2 of them? So a few people thought we were tournament worthy preseason but not the majority or we wouldn't have been unranked. In my opinion we ALWAYS should expect to make the tournament, and because of that I believe we missed expectations... however I don't believe Mack or Holtman had these wonderful seasons full of blowing out their expectations and don't think we "missed" by not hiring one of them. We got off to a hot start in the season and many people CHANGED their expectations and then believed we failed by not making the tournament even though we weren't in good shape to do so beforehand.
  4. Str8Hoosiers

    College Bball Thread

    I am not even playing the what if game, I am saying those other coaches didn't do some great things and surpass all their expectations... they both barely met their expectations by your standards because they made the tourney... we met our expectations too because we weren't expected to make the tourney and we didn't... we almost surpassed like Mack & Holtman did.... Anybody can have concerns, but the factually stating that we messed up by hiring Archie instead of Holtman or Mack is the WHAT IF game you mentioned... what if we hired one of them and they did what Archie did here and Archie went to OSU and did what they did... would we be saying Holtman can't coach and we messed up by not hiring Archie? Things do need to change and we need to regain our spot in the national rankings/perceptions... but who says nothing is changing. Changes have been made... multiple players are no longer with this team, a couple of which are at least rumored to be part of the problem we obviously had with both team chemisty and shooting woes... we brought in another McD's guy, a gut with a lot of D1 experience, and another guard.... add that to whatever changes are being made by the guys who stayed and we can play the what if game all day.... Or we could have another terrible season and Archie could have everybody turn on him, Glass could get canned, new AD could go a new route... those are all What Ifs....
  5. Str8Hoosiers

    College Bball Thread

    Louisville Preseason Ranked as high as 16th (https://bigredlouie.com/2018/05/10/nbc-sports-has-louisville-basketball-ranked-16th-in-early-2018-19-top-25/) But per ESPN Unranked (#39 in the others getting votes) End of Season UNRanked (#32 in the others getting votes) Ohio State Preseason Unranked (no Votes) End of Season Unranked. (No Votes) So both teams made the tournament. Neither did well, and could argue neither deserved to be there. Neither Surpassed expectations, I guess you could say they lived up to them.... but by that logic so did IU (expectations were unranked, and end of season was unranked). I truly believe you all can only see this through glasses of exhaustion of fandom for our program... it sucks to lose, it sucks to not be in the tournament, it sucks to miss on a few recruits.. I get it... but to ready write off Archie as worse than Holtmann or Mack is premature... The conversation has been repeated ad-naseum but we were in a much worse position starting off with Archie than either Mack or Holtmann entered into. I don't care if it is year 1, 2, or 3... I am not making excuses for the program being down but I am not putting all that on Archie either. This Year: Preseason Ranks Louisville = #5 Ohio State = #24 Indiana = Unranked So if we end up improving more than them this year does that mean they failed and their coaches are worse than Archie?
  6. Str8Hoosiers

    College Bball Thread

    It is amazing how quickly somebody can go from "let’s not just look at records." to using records to prove their own narrative.
  7. Str8Hoosiers

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    LSU..... And NONE of the Hats on the Table
  8. Str8Hoosiers

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Heard it when everybody clapped when the lady was done talking... but can't hear anybody actually talking. EDIT... I can hear it on my phone... but not on a PC...
  9. Str8Hoosiers

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Ok... take a guess... based SOLEY on the hats on the table. MEMPHIS.... LSU hat looks clean Flat bill, IU hat looks old, Alabama hat looks used... Memphis Hat looks clean and new, with a nice pre-bend to the bill.... Hey we analyze everything right?
  10. Str8Hoosiers

    2019-2020 Basketball Schedule

    IU vs UCONN in the Jimmy V Classic UofL vs Texas Tech
  11. Str8Hoosiers

    Samari Curtis (2019) to Nebraska

    The addition of Curtis puts Nebraska one over the NCAA-allowed 13-scholarship limit. According to a source, NU will "see what happens" with NU's roster situation going forward as Isaiah Roby decides between the NBA and returning to school. Roby and Thorir Thorbjarnarson are the only Huskers on the current roster who played in a game for NU last season. Thorbjarnarson, currently at home in Iceland, told the Journal Star recently he plans to return to Nebraska for his junior season. Dachon Burke was also on last year's roster, but sat out to satisfy NCAA transfer requirements. In total, Nebraska has added 11 players (nine scholarship players and two walk-ons) to its roster since Hoiberg was announced as head coach March 30 — a span of 46 days. Starting with April 12, the date on which the Huskers hosted their first batch of official visitors, NU is averaging a new commit once every three days. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/ohio-s-mr-basketball-samari-curtis-commits-to-huskers/article_e5f2e101-fbfc-5cac-9c87-c33749b4b878.html
  12. Str8Hoosiers

    2019-2020 Basketball Schedule

    He did, but I saw yesterday that he backtracked just a little bit and said he meant a Big 12 team would be in it but didn't specifically mean that is who UCONN would be playing... although I agree and think we get UofL again... which is GREAT... I want this to become a heated rivalry.... if we aren't going to pick up UK on our schedule anytime soon we need some bigger name school to be our non-conference Rival and they fit the bill. To be the best you gotta beat the best... They have a Top recruiting class coming in, young coach, this is a rivalry that could bloom and be ongoing... They may have the advantage on a neutral court this season but long term....
  13. Str8Hoosiers

    Recruiting Violations

    "Parading" them across the floor? Gaining extra publicity? Are you freaking kidding me. Maybe my memory is foggy but I was there... I don't think IU did anything, no announcement, no special lighting, nothing on the Video boards.... so the program got in trouble because the fans recognize the recruits and cheered as they went to their seats?
  14. Str8Hoosiers

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    So Brass - Do you think we need more than 4 contributing guards? Or do you think (like USPS) that Anderson is not going to be a contributing guard? I can understand that a little bit more although I am hopeful he can figure it out. I was going back through prior rosters and the only 1 season I could see when we had more than 4 was Cody's freshmen year, we had at least 5 or 6 but I am not sure how much each contributed... only 3 scored more than 5 ppg although 5 played at least 8 minutes a game