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  1. As I mentioned before, things can change, but the way my source talked about Xavier, Michigan, and Kentucky, I am very surprised to see so much Xavier talk. Apparently the Michigan and Kentucky statements were right on, as they did not make his final 5. I am concerned any time I see Michigan St and UConn involved though. Did I mention I was within 94' of Scruggs when I got this info? It was just the one very candid conversation, but I still think we are in the driver's seat with Scruggs and hope it reels in Wilkes as well.
  2. A source very close to Paul has told me he was not impressed with his visit to Xavier this past weekend and is visiting Michigan and Kentucky soon, but does not like either school. Granted things can change during a visit, but it sounds pretty good for us. He even used examples of why he did not like Kentucky. I can't give those examples here because I don't want to out my source.
  3. If they have it again this year, you should go to the Knox Indy Pro Am.  It features an IU / Purdue Alumni game.  I have met several former players including Jordan Hulls there and it is a very fan friendly environment.  Jordan signed my shirt complete with a bible verse which I love because I'm atheist. lol  
  4. 1. Shoot the next IUBB championship from the floor.  (I'm a photographer for Indiana Sports Report.) 2. Meet Coach Knight and get his auto on my 1976 Champions basketball. 3. Finish my 1976 Champions basketball.  (still need Jim Crews, Jim Wisman, Bob Bender, Scott Eells, Rich Valavicius, Coach Knight, and assistant coaches Harold Andreas, Bob Donewald, and Bob Weltlich)  If anyone can help me with this, that would be great. ;) 4. Secure a lifetime photographer spot for IUBB. 5. Get my sports apparel line going. (I have designed some awesome IU stuff.)
  5. Sec G Row 26 $150 each / $300 pair Game is at noon Text me 317 three six too twenty 6 eighty 7    Cheapest and closest comparable seats are $341 for the pair after taxes and fees on Stubhub.   [attachment=3233:stuhub iu nw.jpg]
  6. XLevel

    Traffic on SR 37

      Don't you all think it will just be worse?  It's not like 37 will be any wider through Martinsville and they are just adding a ton more traffic.  They were supposed to limit lane restrictions during game days for the football season, but I never saw them change a thing.  It's just bad and I only see it getting marginally better when it opens fully.   65S is an absolute mess too.   The only route that you won't sit in traffic is the 70 to 231 to 46 route and it's still 2 hours.  You're just not sitting the whole time.
  7. XLevel

    OG Anonuby MAJOR Sleeper:

      I should have worded it a bit differently.  Wasn't really meaning to compare the players, but their progress at the same point to show how great OG has been in just his freshman year.
  8. XLevel

    OG Anonuby MAJOR Sleeper:

    He has really impressed me with how fast he is learning and developing.  At first everyone was noticing him for his defense, but recently, with more PT, his shot has shown up and it is very impressive.  He's now .613 FG% and a mind blowing .778 3P%!  While he plays fast, he doesn't play in a hurry.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think he is better now than Oladipo was at the same point.  It's still early, but WOW!  Not to mention he came in built like a linebacker and is working with what I think is a tremendous strength and conditioning coach.  Very high ceiling for him.  Excited to see more.
  9. Sec G Row 26 $100 pair Game is at 630pm Text me 317 three six too twenty 6 eighty 7
  10. Certainly a stark contrast from Hollowell.
  11. http://usatodayhss.com/2015/the-rawle-alkins-blog-uncs-mj-comparisons-new-earring-psat-and-more-rawle-alkins-word-of-god Note that he's waiting until the spring to see what players and coaches are there. While he would never say that's about any one team, that describes IU perfectly. I think since IU was in on his recruitment early along with many other factors, that we have been and continue to be his first choice. Can't wait to see him make his official visit. The way he talked about wanting to say he could go anywhere, (he mentioned this last year), was just him feeding his ego. "I could have gone to Kansas, UK, UNC, IU, anywhere." type of thing. We were in very early and I think that matters. It certainly did with De'Ron Davis.
  12. XLevel

    Hoosier hysteria

    Can someone please tell me why my post was deleted?  It was about Hoosier Hysteria, so I'm not sure why there was an issue with it.
  13. XLevel

    Hoosier hysteria

    Please let me know what you think.  Article and 100+ photos.  http://indysportsreport.com/2015/10/hoosier-hysteria-basketball-back/