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  1. @BDye3 People are stupid

  2. @GRANThouston_ Dude this was the first time I heard yanny I feel so bad for you dude

  3. Aug 17th-18th who's coming with? https://t.co/MOjTPjDOXr

  4. @GRANThouston_ i lol'ed

  5. RT @donaldglover: this is america https://t.co/8dTR4W6csW

  6. https://t.co/CdwYrAIiaU @yurack5

  7. @DrewHosteter @crimsonquarry noted drew

  8. RT @SportsCenter: Top-five hoops prospect Romeo Langford is going to Indiana. Hoosier fans, here's a preview: https://t.co/9Irpi43VTw

  9. RT @Nadeshot: I’m rewatching the Harry Potter series for the 99th time before bed over the next couple weeks and there’s not a damn thing y…

  10. @kanyewest kanye laying bombshells my god

  11. @puppy_grind24 lebron was younger in his first year (obviously) and was already putting up 20 points a game... Simm… https://t.co/Tn5LpJIgmQ

  12. Blame it on the model broad w the Hollywood smile

  13. Fortnite, Skyrim, Vice City, FIFA https://t.co/PF26uRTLYC

  14. RT @rihanna: didn’t they tell u? https://t.co/0RgBy1I2AB