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Latest News

Captain Kirkwood's Pep Talk: Missouri Felines

Sep 18 2014 03:17 PM | Captain Kirkwood in Pre Game


Read story →    1 comments    -----

Captain Kirkwood's Pep Talk: Ohio Fledglings

Sep 12 2014 11:55 PM | Captain Kirkwood in Pre Game

One step closer to the Rose Bowl.

Read story →    3 comments    -----

Captain Kirkwood's Pep Talk: Terre Haute Trees

Aug 29 2014 03:10 PM | Captain Kirkwood in Pre Game

Here. We. Go.

Read story →    8 comments    *****

IUBB Recruiting Roundup

Aug 21 2014 10:46 PM | All_Hoosiers in Recruiting

You know the drill by now. Here are the biggest updates in the week that was IUBB recruiting.

Read story →    2 comments    -----

Weekly IUBB Recruiting Roundup

Aug 14 2014 04:37 PM | All_Hoosiers in Basketball

Not much happening this week on the recruiting front, but there is one big update that could have massive ramifications for the upcoming season. Let's dive into this week's recruiting roundup.

Read story →    0 comments    -----

Weekly IUBB Recruiting Roundup

Aug 04 2014 11:28 PM | All_Hoosiers in Recruiting

Recruiting is confusing, hectic, and changes by the second. It's near impossible to keep track of it all. This, however, should make it a little easier, as each Friday we'll do a roundup of the biggest IUBB recruiting news: offers, visits, interest, and more. Let's dive in.

Read story →    13 comments    -----

Robert Johnson Q & A

May 02 2014 09:07 AM | djsalway in Basketball

As we all know, Rob is a humble guy that is always very laid back, but is willing to do whatever it takes to win. He is confident about his abilities and it is evident that he is excited about coming to Bloomington to join our Indiana Hoosiers. He will be a great addition, especially given his toughness and desire to work hard in order to improve.

Read story →    42 comments    *****

Tim Priller Interview

Apr 28 2014 05:45 PM | djsalway in Basketball

Let me preface this interview by saying that Tim was one of the most humble guys I’ve talked to. He seemed very humbled by his commitment over the weekend and willing to work hard in order to gain respect and playing time. Although he isn’t familiar with the program yet, I can see him becoming a nice four-year player for our Hoosiers.

Read story →    44 comments    -----

Yogi's Mom Knows...

Mar 24 2014 03:32 PM | Will_Logan in News & Notes

Indiana may have lost their only viable center, two projected starters, and...well Johnny Marlin today, but no need to hit the bottle just yet.

Read story →    25 comments    -----

What to Watch in College Basketball This Week (...

Feb 18 2014 09:19 AM | djsalway in Basketball

The season is winding down and there are some key matchups in the upcoming week between many different top 25 teams. Syracuse and Wichita State have remained undefeated this long, but will this continue?

Read story →    1 comments    -----

Eventful Month for Hoosier Football

Feb 01 2014 07:10 PM | Will_Logan in News & Notes

In case you missed it...

Read story →    6 comments    -----

Big Ten Roundup

Jan 23 2014 12:37 PM | djsalway in Basketball

The Big Ten has rounded into a weird form that not many expected early on in the season. Here we take a look at the big stories of the B1G season.

Read story →    0 comments    -----

Improvements, Struggles Continue for Young Hoos...

Jan 12 2014 10:43 AM | Will_Logan in Analysis

On Saturday, the young Hoosiers continued to develop and find their identity, and they picked up their first Big Ten win along the way.

Read story →    1 comments    -----


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