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Preseason Practice Tour Stops at Indiana

ESPN's Jeff Goodman is visiting various schools on his preseason practice tour. See what he had say after seeing the Hoosiers.
For his third stop on his "Preseason Practice Tour," ESPN's Jeff Goodman took a visit to Bloomington.

Later that night, he tweeted his thoughts on the young Hoosier squad, beginning with injuries.

As we all know, the freshmen class has suffered from injuries recently. Troy Williams injured his shooting hand, Luke Fischer sprained his shoulder in practice shortly thereafter, Noah Vonleh suffered a minor ankle injury, and Stanford Robinson went down with a knee injury during Hoosier Hysteria.

Goodman tweeted that Crean told him hat Vonleh should be a "full-go" next practice and that Williams would return "in a few days." Crean also told Goodman that Fischer is "a couple weeks away," while Robinson should be back in "7-10 days." All fell in line to what Crean tweeted this morning.

Goodman went on to describe a concern many in Hoosier Nation share: inside scoring. He tweeted that Hanner Perea "has made improvement," but is "still raw" on the offensive end.

Later, Goodman tweeted about another concern: guard depth, specifically point guard depth.

"Yogi Ferrell will have a ton on his plate," Goodman tweeted. "He'll have to become team's go-to scorer, also distribute -- as well as also try to be a leader."

He went on to point out that Stan Robinson and senior transfer Evan Gordon may be back-up options, but said neither are "ideal." He also said sophomore Jeremy Hollowell "got a look" at point guard and made quality decisions.

Goodman thinks Gordon may start at the two because of his experience, but doesn't like a Yogi/Gordon back court combo because of the lack of height.

Goodman says to "pencil in" Yogi, Sheehey, and Vonleh for the starting line-up, leaving the other two spots "up in the air." He also indicated that Vonleh may see time at the five spot this year.

As stated earlier, Goodman is not a fan of the "small, small guards" combo of Yogi and Gordon. He thinks Gordon should come off the bench for scoring, giving the Hoosiers a bigger starting five.

His thoughts on the line-up: "Yogi, Sheehey, Vonleh, Williams/Hollowell and Perea/Fischer."

Goodman mentioned that an NBA scout at practice was "blown away" by freshmen Noah Vonleh's "NBA-ready body," a big plus for the Hoosiers' season outlook.

Goodman later responded to two big questions during his Indiana tweets.

One asked if Goodman thought Sheehey would be the go-to guy. Goodman replied, "Nope. Can't create the same way Yogi is able able to."

The other question asked if Goodman thinks the Hoosiers will make the NCAA Tournament. He responded, "I think so, but probably should not be ranked to start the season."

There's a lot of positives, and some concerns for Indiana basketball this year, but it's shaping up to be a good year.

Follow Goodman: @GoodmanESPN

Follow Jeff Ranger: @All_Hoosiers

(Photo: AP/Al Behrman)
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IU Hoosier41
Oct 07 2013 04:58 PM

His thoughts on the line-up: "Yogi, Sheehey, Vonleh, Williams/Hollowell and Perea/Fischer."


so Goodman is basically just like everyone else when naming 7 players to start lol.   Great write up Jeff.   I wonder if Crean will open up a practice to local media...

Oct 07 2013 10:00 PM

Goodman definitely just like everyone else when talking about the starting line-up. So many unknowns about this team right now. I think Yogi, Sheehey, and Vonleh are locked in, with Hollowell having a very good chance to start. The last spot is simply a toss-up for me.

IU Hoosier41
Oct 07 2013 10:36 PM
Agreed. Hollowell looked good in the scrimmage. I know it's just a scrimmage but I didn't feel that way about him last year. Would be nice to get a solid year outta bum

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