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Hoo's Next: LIU Brooklyn

On Tuesday evening the Indiana Hoosiers welcome the Blackbirds of LIU Brooklyn into Assembly Hall as a part of the 2k Sports Classic. LIU Brooklyn won their first game over St. Peters on Saturday night 87-80. The Hoosiers are also 1-0 with a 100-72 win over Chicago State on opening night.
LIU Brooklyn is coming off of a 20-14 season where they made it to the NCAA Tournament only to be bounced out in the opening round by James Madison. The Blackbirds are returning some key players off that tourney team. A few notables are 6'3 junior guard Gerrell Martin and 6'6 sophomore E.J. Reed. Martin and Reed led the Blackbirds in scoring during their season opening win, scoring 24 and 17 respectively. Another player to watch for is Jason Brickman. Brickman, a 6'0 senior guard, had 13 points, 14 assists, and 6 rebounds. Four of those rebounds came on the offensive end. Judging from their opening game, it appears a matchup between Jason Brickman and Kevin 'Yogi' Ferrell could be the key matchup to watch Tuesday Night.

One area where the Blackbirds will be at a serious disadvantage will be inside the lane. LIU's biggest player stands at 6'8 with a few more at 6'6 and that's as tall as they get. This will allow Indiana's bigs the opportunity to put up some big numbers in scoring and rebounding. Look for Noah Vonleh to be fed the ball early and often.

This game has the chance to be a high scoring affair. LIU Brooklyn showed they could score in game one, although it was only St. Peters. But the Blackbirds can certainly shoot and could make for some exciting up and down action against the Hoosiers. Like IU, the Blackbirds had a high number of turnovers in their previous game (16). This could turn out to be one key factor to whether the Hoosiers can pull away or LIU Brooklyn will be able to keep it close throughout.

Tip-off is slated for 6:00p.m. on Tuesday night as both teams will look to start the season 2-0.
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IU Hoosier41
Nov 10 2013 09:06 PM

Highlights of LIU's Win over Saint Peters.


LIU Brooklyn head basketball coaches Jack Perri Previews Season (Start at 10:00min mark)



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