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    I heard CAM was at a restaurant eating when RL made the announcement and everyone in the restaurant started cheering while CAM just sat and ate his dinner. That's straight gangsta.
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    Mike Miller‏ @MikeMillerHT Romeo Langford on next year's Indiana team: "With the people they got coming back and coming in, I just feel it's a national championship team."
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    At Mr basketball announcement Sent from my SM-J727V using Tapatalk
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    Still a good week once we get Romeo. I'm not wrong about that one. It's just how soon will the next pull the trigger, he told the staff a couple days later, so hopefully he hasn't changed his mind
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    FWIW Romeo just followed Jake Forrester on Instagram. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    As an educator, this was the reason I wanted Romeo at IU. Look at this picture... in the most important moment of his 18 year old life, he takes time out of it to recognize a young fan (with his custom made jersey on it) to smile and give him a high five and a hand shake. It wasn't like the kid was on stage either... Romeo walked 10ft or so to get to the kid. Awesome. His character is his best attribute. Mr. Langford, enjoy your time in Bloomington.. you already have a huge fan in me. 
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    Floyd Central and New Albany had a "Unified" Track meet for their special needs kids. Romeo came to support them and took a pic with them wearing an IU shirt. Sent from my SM-G935P using BtownBanners mobile app
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    And then, there's this:
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    My wife and I are going out for our anniversary ( which is actually tomorrow) tonight because it fits our schedule better. Last night when reading about the announcement she said, we need to go to dinner early so you’re home in time don’t we? God, I love her! Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Received some more pro-IU conformation here. We'll see what happens after visits but IU is in front at this time
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    So my good friend is a bank teller at the bank Archie goes to. Archie walked in today and my friend asked him, "did your life get easier or harder yesterday?" Archie: "Both" with a laugh. Plus, enjoying a fine meal at a steakhouse while hundreds of thousands of hoosiers found out Romeo's decision was some 1920's mafia $h1t. This guy is great. Proud of what he's accomplished already!
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    I fully expect Romeo to deliver his decision thustly: "Roses are red. Violets are blue. "It ain't Kansas or Vandy. Baby, it's IU." or "Roses are red. Potatoes are starchy. "Don't wanna play for Bill or Bryce. It's all about Archie." or "Roses are red. Bozo's a clown. "Who wants Lawrence or Nashville? I'm goin' to B-Town." or "Roses are red. I ain't got no gripes. "My wardrobe of choice? Those sweet Candy Stripes." Drops mic.
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    If anyone ever says your slow, you tell them I say their wrong.
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    Saw this link to Reddit on another board: Posted by Indiana Hoosiers u/Todd_Haley_isdumb 1 hour ago Casual / Offseason Cool experience with the IU team So me and a few buddies went out to eat just now at Buffalouies (for those who have heard of it) after our friday classes and we went and sat down at the upstairs area. We are the only people sitting up there and next thing you know, Archie Miller, Romeo Langford, Robert Phinisee, most of the coaching staff come up. Trayce Jackson-Davis, Keion Brooks and their families came up very shortly after and filled in the rest of the upstairs area. Archie and I made awkward eye contact but him and his coaching staff were talking and laughing the whole time with the recruits families while Romeo and Robert talked with Trayce and Keion. At one point Romeo's food was ready and over the intercom they said "Order for Romeo" and he didn't hear it at first so no one went to get the food so they said it again and immediately Archie Miller yells out "There's only one Romeo here come on". We didn't go up and talk to any of them cause they were all doing business and we didn't want to bother them but we talked to an assistant coach for a bit. It was just a really cool experience to be sitting next to a coach and his staff recruit some kids in a casual setting. Sidenote: Trayce Jackson-Davis is an absolutely massive human, he towered over everyone else there (given Romeo isn't a big man and neither is Phinisee). 4 Comments Share Save
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    (2019) SG Armaan Franklin to IU

    What if we get TJD, Brooks, Ramsey, Franklin, and Stewart? Yes a lot would have to happen but I promise you it has been discussed
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    [This was actually from the Zeke Nnaji thread, but VO5 and others were referring to Keion so I've moved my response here.] I've seen Keion play with his high school team, and in AAU. I will say, there is a remarkable difference between the two. Prior to about 6 months ago, Keion was supposed to be a 6'8" forward, which made some sense in Indiana HS ball since he was always the tallest kid on the floor. Of course that opens him up to everyone commenting how skinny he is, and whether or not he has inside moves. In AAU, his team's PG, Isaiah Thompson (Purdue commit) out of Zionsville got injured, leaving the door open for Brooks to play the role of a ball-handler/playmaker. He excelled. The team already had TJD and another big, freeing Keion to play more of a wing. He basically controlled the game, distributed, and took his shots when they were open for him. Remember he really dominated the April session, and surprised a ton of people. No one had seen him in that role before. Within the past few months, he tweeted something that listed him as a PF, and had the laugh emoji and said "I am not a PF." He's distancing himself from that. He's not as tall as he looks in pictures. A bunch of us saw him play opposite Romeo, and if he was taller than Romeo, it was by a centimeter or two. So what is he? I think he'd like to see himself as a Lebron/Simmons type of Point Forward. Again, he looked great in AAU, far more comfortable and effective than we've seen him before. I agree that college defenses are much more difficult, but that goes for every player. I also wonder if Keion's move to LaLu wasn't partially because he didn't want to be his team's big/5 anymore. Moving to LaLu lets him move out on the perimeter. Obviously, if he's to play and succeed in the NBA, it won't be as a PF, and so I can't blame him for looking for a situation where he's in a better position. Last note. Watch interviews with these kids. They are kids, mostly wide-eyed and trying to do the right thing. They are subject to tons of influences, and any decisions they make are mostly reflections of what kind of influences they're receiving. They also get more criticism than any of us have likely received. Let's go easy on them. Let's also remember that some connected people are saying IU is leading for Keion, and so let's cheer for his success.
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    Evan Fitzner to IU

    He has committed to IU.
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    (2019) SF Trendon Watford

    Trendon Watford's dad Ernest tells me the Romeo Langford to IU decision could have a snowball effect on @Trendon_2 & other recruits. "He sets a 'blueprint' I believe for how Archie utilizes Trendon’s overall skill set." Story coming on @FloHoops Adam Zagoria Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Just listened to the ITH interviews of Tim Langford and Coach Shannon. A major takeaway from both: There is absolutely NO doubt in my mind that Rob Phinisee is THE most important recruit that IU has had in a long time. There is NO doubt in my mind that Romeo Langford very much considered Rob Phinisee being at IU as a HUGE plus. And so will others. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Talked to a Fort Wayne kid in the AAU scene and long time friends of the Brooks. He thinks Indiana is the likely destination as of now. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    You should let the staff know that they’re gonna have to handle this without you. ;)
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    This young man just oozes character and class. Blown away by the humble @yeahyeah_22. He went and visited #iubb champion (1953) and former New Albany great Paul Poff. Paul has recently been put in assisted living (85yo) & for Romeo to do something like this shows he’s one of a kind
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    Snow said in his weekly Indiana Hoops Report that it seems IU has taken a commanding lead for TJD and that a commitment could happen before July.
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    Evan Fitzner to IU

    Tom Crean is at Georgia. If you don't play D now you don't play.