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    I f*ckin' love this. Things didn't go quite as expected, work harder. College ball a little tougher than expected, work harder. Shot wasn't falling like you thought it would, work harder. I obviously don't speak on the behalf of all Indiana fans or anything, but man, if you just give maximum effort we'll support you till the end no matter the outcome.
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    From today:
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    rome @j_hunter35 Working hard to get back on the court for the best fans in the country.
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    This is probably the most popular thread right now so I’ll use it to wish all of you a Happy Easter. Enjoy your day! Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    I too am in contact with duke about a spot on their basketball team.
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    FWIW I think (purely opinion) that Anthony Harris will be a Hoosier. Him and Archie are birds of a feather. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get him by Sunday.
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    I am STUNNED that Hurt committed to Duke even though he knows they are looking at Jake. Guess he is all about the team and not worried about available minutes.
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    Just for fun, I went to read some of the Facebook Q&A that Al did yesterday. Here are some of his responses. ... Seems like a real good kid ... Glad we have him ... On what he likes about playing at IU ... Indiana Basketball What more could I like? It's an amazing place and I am super happy to be here. On how much he will miss Morgan ... Indiana Basketball If we had a scale from 1-10, 30. Love that guy. On how the offseason is going ... Indiana Basketball It's going great. I'm in the gym shooting 2-3 times a day. Lifting with Coach Clif 3-4 times a week. On what it's like to play for Archie ... Indiana Basketball It's hard nose. He keeps you accountable during practice and in the game. I really appreciate his coaching style. A teacher wanted advice for her students who wanted to play ball. Indiana Basketball You are a STUDENT athlete. You're a student first so make sure you take of your duties in the classroom so you can do anything on the court.
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    Unconfirmed reports that with the Dead Period ending today, Archie will visit Morton during the upcoming April 19-24 Recruiting Period and Morton is planning to come to IU sometime between May 10 and May 15.
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    I emailed Duke once, about 3 years ago. We’re technically still in contact because I haven’t heard back yet. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    I know he struggled badly last season, but I'm happy that he hasn't followed the path of least resistance and thrown his name in the transfer portal. May end up being a real eye opening learning experience for Clifton and Jake.
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    Love the attitude. He will contribute for us eventually.
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    He told Justin if he picked IU, he was gonna take over No. 3. Then Devonte punched him.
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    I also almost have enough information to say Harris and Watford to Indiana. Almost (just waiting to hear Harris and Watford to announce) then I will have enough info. Right now that is the only thing I am waiting on so I almost know Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Al loves being a Hoosier. Have to love him.
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    Who wants to ask how many teammates' girlfriends had dalliances with Romeo??? LOL!
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    Looking for some helpful info

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me out with this, & give a small update. So far I have the videos of Watford & Al Durham. I also got messages back from Newkirk & Hartman, who are supposed to be sending some later. Extremely happy with how this gone. Even if there are no more to follow I’m grateful for the ones we have already. That’s 4 videos more than what I originally thought I would get. So, thanks again to everyone who helped point me in the right direction. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    (2020) SG Anthony Leal

    I've watched him probably a half dozen times or so for Bloomington South the past two years. I'm not a scout or an expert. I do support South, though. I think some folks see his ranking and can't understand why Archie hasn't offered Leal yet. I think you saw why. He can look very pedestrian at times and fade into the game. Personally I have never seen him dominate a game (although I know he has in other games.) I may be bad luck because I witnessed probably some of his worst games. You accurately described how he has played a few times. The Edgewood game at the beginning of the year was low point. Outhustled in that one, too. As a whole though, he has potential. Currently a good shooter. Nowhere near a Hulls or Roth or Zeisloft at this moment, in my opinion. But still good. Has the potential to be an above average offensive player at the next level. Solid size for his position. Can defend well when healthy and engaged. Is well coached. Intelligent individual. Good teammate. Evidently lights it up in AAU. I believe he has strong ties to IU... But I won't dive into that for privacy purposes. As I have said in the past, I'd be happy for him to become a Hoosier. I think we get him if we want him. But he can't be the centerpiece of the class. He's a support piece, in my opinion. If you liked the addition of guys like Damezi Anderson and Armaan Franklin, I think you'll like Leal. I'd guess his impact will be somewhere around there. What's funny is the amount of negativity you see against Jalen Windham but love Leal. My opinion is that their about the same.
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    Bloomington has some really good food. Nick’s is like a museum of IU-ness that has food. Nick’s is most certainly NOT where one goes for really good food. Nick’s is a good choice to take a high school recruit who probably appreciates an over cooked burger and salty fries anyway.
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    I’m still not sure what the condition is/was but it’s good to see him lifting heavy. When I first took blood thinners they wouldn’t allow me to lift for fear of bruising. Times and medicines have changed but that appears to be a good sign. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners
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    I love seeing this, too. ... I know it shouldn't matter where a player is from, but I want Indiana kids to succeed at IU. ... In addition to hitting the weights, I hope he's in the gym, shooting 500 jumpers a day. I think he had a game or two early on where he was hitting, but after that, he couldn't throw the ball in the ocean ... I've seen high school highlights, and he seems as if he had a pretty nice stroke from distance; don't know where he lost his way as far as shooting ... With our lack of shooters, there's gotta be a chance for him to get more PT next year (especially if he improves on D as well).
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    Sorry, tough to resist
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    FWIW, have no idea if guy is credible but never hurts for some optimism