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    Just got around to watching the final strikeout and wanted to say how awesome it was that Gabe Bierman was on the mound for it. It’s been a tough past three days for him as his father passed away on Thursday and once I heard the news figured he would sit out this weekend and head back home to Jeff to be with family. Coming from a rival high school and having faced him for three years, it was always so hard to root against him (luckily I don’t have to anymore). I had a ton of respect for him before this weekend but after playing a few days after such a tragic event, that respect has increased tremendously. Great weekend by our Hoosiers and look forward to a postseason run. BTW I appreciate all of the in-game updates from each of you! It makes it so easy to get caught up when I’m unable to catch it live. Thanks again guys Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    And he has committed.
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    Lot of former IU players and coaches of other IU sports have tweeted out their congratulations but I thought this was an especially nice one. Tracy Smith‏Verified account @ASUSkip FollowFollow @ASUSkip More Congratulations to @IndianaBase on winning the outright Big Ten Conference title today.
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    @IndianaFireDA: Our IFA 19’s tie their @ussoccer_da match 1-1 vs Michigan Wolves at @GrandParkSports today. Goal by: Nieto ⚽️
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    Everything I’ve seen and read about him screams project. He’d be a practice player but wouldn’t be an in game, on the court contributor.
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    Because in 1 sentence you correctly hit on 2 of his 3 positives traits. He’s 7’1” and he’s mobile. He also plays hard. Really bad hands. Bad feet in traffic. High center of gravity. No developed skills. Poor defensive instincts. He has a chance to be a little better Tijuan Jobe. I would think he ends up at a midmajor on physical profile. But he would have to absolutely explode to be a high D1 prospect.
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    2020 General Recruiting Thread

    His composite is hovering 250. I am not a huge ranking guy outside 100 or so, but when in a year you drop 150 spots there is a reason. Especially at that size. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Not sure how I missed this but that Welsh kid has 3 career homers. He had none on Wednesday. BTW Mercer is the first coach to win the Big Ten his first year since 1982.
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    IUBASE at Maryland - March 29-31, 2019

    No it was ridiculous at the time and is now. We were 15 games into a 55 game season lol Just be a fan man. Promise it is way more fun that way.
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    Class of '66 Old Fart

    Jaelynn Penn honored again!

    Indiana Women’s Basketball‏Verified account @IndianaWBB Watch tonight as a portion of the @usabasketball Women's Pan Am Games Team Trials are streamed live as athletes are split in to four teams for scrimmages. Stream begins at 7:15 p.m. ET. Jaelynn is on Team 4. https://www.usab.com/live
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    Committed to VT on Tuesday.
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    2020 General Recruiting Thread

    I’m really interested to see if IU starts taking a closer look at Pack. He’s small but he’s a fantastic scorer and just seems to be a winner
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    Yep, agree. Is it nuts to think that IU is still in it strictly by default? Like, best option just because the others he actually wanted didn't pan out? I don't think he's actually coming here at all, but man, logically with his options... why not? Guess that's just the IU homer in me.
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    This is 3 in the last 7 years, isn't it? Out of curiosity, I took a glance at how our former coaches are doing. I know Tracy Smith was under a lot of pressure at Arizona State, and many were shocked he wasn't fired after last season. He must have figured something out, as they're currently 36-14. Chris Lemonis has Mississippi State at 45-11.
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    (2020) OL Cameron Knight to IU

    We offered today. Brandon's younger brother. Noblesville, IN 6'3"/270 247 Rivals Videos
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    Mercer walked into a nice roster but IU was only projected 4th pre season. To win the big 10 in his first year is impressive. To me, he’s got to be Big 10 COY no matter what they do in BTT. They better give their strength / conditioning guy a raise. The strength and power this team has is something. Mercer has a very nice looking group of recruits coming next year. They will lose a bunch of talent but should reload quick. The development of these players has been something to watch this year. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Simply. Awesome. I know the start to the season was rough, but I was so glad we had a guy like Mercer leading this team so I was not worried about the team in the long run. Not going to say I expected a Big Ten Title, but I was certain we'd be right in the mix. We've seen some really good Indiana teams over the last 8-10 years. It's nice to see this program bring home a Big Ten Title. Well done, boys!
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    Well well well
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    So proud of this team. After a slow start we rolled right over them and left no doubt. Also so nice to use small ball and it shows what Jeff Mercer wants his teams to be, but is smart enough to know this team was built on power and took what Lemonis did and made it better. Mercer is a winner and really bright days are ahead for this program and because he knows how to develop talent, unlike the previous staff, we are now pretty well set again for a solid season next year. Lemonis was good, but this program would of stalled out with him but now is ready to become the next Midwest power I think with Louisville. As I sat at a completely full Bart during the final out I was choking up a bit. I know IU won titles in 13 and 14 but those were clinched on the road. To come from the Sembower days with almost no one there to a completely full house here in the new stadium is unbelievable and something I would of laughed at you if you told me this would of happened 20 years ago. After the dog pile to come over and have whole team tip their caps to the capacity crowd was special and so symbolic of everything that changed last dozen years and to me this completed the process. I have been at many big wins for Soccer recently (both Elite 8 wins and Tourney Championship at Grand Park) but my child self knew I would see that someday given the eliteness of that program. My child self never thought I would see the baseball things I have last decade and its just stunning how this program has risen from the ashes and is truly more special to me then soccer for that reason.
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    We play I think Maryland at 5 PM Wednesday. That was the series where we scored 39 runs after dropping game 1 0-2. Outscoring then 39-11 for the series.
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    2018-19 NBA Thread

    Well we know they weren't performance enhancing drugs.
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    Not a great deal of info, but a little bit of background on Nijel Pack. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/05/09/nijel-packs-recruitment-picking-up-while-dre-davis-solid-nebraska/3651149002/
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    Disagree, if a relative of Oladipo, Hulls, Zeller, etc. is a phenomenal basketball player you, at minimum, play the game. We might not land these type of players but you still extend an offer, watch a few games, and make a few visits. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app