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    Romeo Langford - Boston Celtics

    Good for Romeo. Anyone else see him flash the candy stripes inside his coat?
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    Ed Schilling leaving

    Why this obsession with a former IU player? Many are not qualified to do what some of you want. If you want recruiting, who has the pedigree of all the former IU players mentioned to bring in top 50 guys? Many kids nowadays will point to Romeo over guys like Guyton, Jeffries, etc. as former IU players they know. If you say they know the state, that may be true, but we’ve had zero issue recruiting our own state. As far as player development, which former IU player has any sort of pedigree developing players and getting the maximum out of them? I think some IU fans have this disillusioned belief that former IU players coming back will somehow magically turn our program around, even when they don’t have the pedigree. Give me a guy that has out of state connections that is an ace recruiter, or someone that has a history of developing players. We don’t need a former IU player and it’s likely we will not go that route.
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    Ed Schilling leaving

    This new coach has to be able to recruit. That is the lifeblood of a program. There are no “IU guys” other than Fife who have experience successfully recruiting elite level talent. Just get the best candidate available.
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    Ed Schilling leaving

    Thanks, I would keep the inside information coming your way if that happens Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    No news

    I'm guessing we get a 1-3 commits late August or early September.
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    New Menu Item at BtownBanners

    We will adding a new item to the menu: Stromboli ... the moderator. Congrats to one of our finest!
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    Thomas Bryant - Washington Wizards

    So happy for TB. 21 years old with room to grow and widely regarded as a fun guy to watch among NBA fans. Love that guy.
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    Alright, maggots! Time to shape up, 'cause this pizza sandwich just got deputized!
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    Yogi staying with the Kings as they've guaranteed his $3.2 million salary for '19-20 and waived Frank Mason. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/report-sacramento-to-guarantee-yogi-ferrells-salary-for-2019-20-season/?fbclid=IwAR0JVIa9wzP_cHRI2WdPEGNlXpjNBnM6Ffn04ZpN50hLrl9Zlpd5nthfBg8
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    3 years/$25 mn to stay with the Wizards
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    Tweet of the day from Mike Schumann @TheDailyHoosier - Austin Van Zyl just tweeted out that he was actually offered by IU, but it was for the assistant coach opening. Hopefully that clears everything up.
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    Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    New Menu Item at BtownBanners

    Looks like we need to make a few things clear: 1. Bribery is accepted. Even encouraged. PM me for details. 2. I'm just looking for a reason to ban Old Fart and his blathering. I'll do it for half price. 3. Chris007 is appointed Master of Whisperers. USPS will be referred to as Grand Maester Parcel. 4. Alaska can stay. Alaska, let me know if you had any trouble finding my Venmo. 5. There is now an Official Food of BTOWNBANNERS (the "OFBTB"). Any derogatory statement pertaining to the OFBTB will be a bannable offense. Incidentally, the stromboli is the OFBTB, as recently appointed by at least one mod. -Mgmt
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    Congrats Strom, please ban NaturalHoosier, it’s been needed for a long time!!! :) Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Fire Fred Glass

    I'm all for looking at things with a critical eye, but you guys saying we should have trashed Assembly Hall are nuts. All but maybe 5 programs in the country wish they had an arena steeped in history and environment like ours. It is a total asset to our program. And now with a plush locker room. Edit to add: Remember they guys aren't living in Assembly Hall. The fans' access to restrooms at halftime won't sway a recruit, or get a player to close out faster. Improvements should come to their day-to-day stuff. Easy access to training (tubs, massage, rehab, etc) at times convenient to a college student. High quality meals and frankly eating environment can add a lot to the experience. Feed them well. Little stuff like modern practice clothes and warm-ups they can wear and like. Sound systems around their living areas, TVs to watch games and gaming. Again, high quality food in these areas. Bathrooms that aren't awkward. Study halls that give the college experience. Comfortable travel, ideally done smoothly so kids aren't sitting on a hot bus breathing exhaust for 45 minutes before they leave. Film rooms that are modern and encourage them to learn it. I think Archie realizes most of this, and hopefully addressing it with Glass. Anyone with input would be appreciated.
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    Juwan Morgan - Utah Jazz

    Just read Morgan was signed by the Jazz after day 1 of the draft??? How awesome is that! https://www.news-leader.com/story/sports/2019/06/21/nba-draft-utah-jazz-reportedly-pick-up-indianas-juwan-morgan/1514831001/
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    (2020) SG Trey Galloway

    This season jaded me a bit too. That losing streak was hard to swallow. It not only killed our chances at a successful season but took the wind out of our sails from a momentum and excitement standpoint. The hardest part was watching us go through the motions with little effort and drive. So when we are recruiting guys that are known for being competitors like Galloway I am super excited. He won’t set the world on fire if he committed but I think he would be a great piece for us and set us in the right direction Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    New Menu Item at BtownBanners

    Also; Dalton26 is gonna be taking a break from mod duties. The board owes Dalton a huge thank you for being an incredibly effective mod and all around great guy for so so long. He won’t be gone; he just won’t be a danger to those that need mod supervision!
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    Fishing chat and pics..

    Sheefish on the chena river!
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    19/20 Squad = Class Balance

    Heard CAM is making the players room with different teammates each week throughout the summer as well as going on a retreat with no cell phones to build up the chemistry. This was music to my ears when I heard this...this could’ve been huge had this been done last summer....I’m assuming tho this is a result of the mess from last year. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    (2020) SG Anthony Leal

    At first after watching them during the summer of their sophomore year I always thought it would be one or the other as well. I’ve flipped back and forth since then which one I thought would be a better fit. For me it’s clear as they have gotten older that they have great chemistry on the court and don’t necessarily occupy the same space. Both have good size and each could play on the wing if asked. Now I think IU should take both and should feel good about the type of players they would be getting. I don’t feel these 2 have anything to do with if IU gets Davis. Got to get Davis or Steward on campus before I consider them an actual possibility. Davis leaving Georgetown without committing is a good sign but I feel IU is behind Marquette and Georgetown right now. Like you said recruiting isn’t easy. If Archie offered Leal after his sophomore year none of these other teams would of had a chance to build a relationship with him. However some would criticize him for offering early and taking a commitment that soon. Fast forward to the present where he didn’t offer early and he is getting criticized for not locking a local kid down early. lol. As a fan I love recruiting and all the twist and turns and stories but if I was a coach I think I would hate it Leal, Galloway, Cross and one more and call it a day and focus on 2021. Each team averages 2.4 transfers a year and I don’t expect IU to be any different with that number next year so taking 4 will put IU at 13 before that so I would expect to be at 11 even with taking 4 National writers, scouts and others have a little different view of our recruiting results then some of the fans do. I’ve seen articles saying IU didn’t need a whole lot in the 2020 class thanks to its prior classes. However it turns out can’t wait to watch it unfold and then move on to 2021 Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Ed Schilling leaving

    Mark Galloway is a really, really, really good, and experienced coach. The kind of guy we could consider whether he had a son who plays or not. Yes, he has a talented roster; I assume that as head coach at Culver, he needed to recruit 'inside-out' to accomplish that task. His talent level wasn't as high as the LaLu team with Brooks and Isaiah Stewart which his kids out played this past season. And, state champs don't happen by accident.
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    From the Nike Elite 100 event - JALEN WASHINGTON (2022/WEST SIDE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY) Washington is the epitome of the term upside. He measured in at 6’7 without shoes while sporting a wingspan in excess of 7’2, and looks every bit of it. Jalen displayed a very smooth game, he didn’t dominate the ball and still produced efficiently. The sophomore knocked down jumper after jumper from distance and midrange with gorgeous rotation and arch. Because of the high release point in tandem with his length, it’s nearly impossible to contest Washington’s shot. Jalen showed a solid handle in space and appears to have some potential in that regard. Hailing from the Northwestern portion of Indiana known as ‘The Region’, he also embraced the toughness that is often associated with the area. Washington came up with multiple offensive rebounds followed by several putbacks utilizing both hands. When watching Jalen live, one can’t help but to be reminded of the younger version of former Ohio State standout Keita Bates-Diop in terms of style of play, physical profile and two-way ceiling.
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    Ed Schilling leaving

    Absolutely appropriate to interview Elston. I am confident that this staff will not give out a job as thank you or a participation trophy. If Elston is the best candidate, so be it; but the competition for this job should and will be substantial.