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    Why don't you just log off for a while and we'll tell you when it's good to come back?
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    Brunk is on campus today unofficially per Rabby.
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    I'm just going to chime in on Joey Brunk. I feel like I'm in the minority in that I prefer we bolster the 5 before we target a shooter. The first reason for this is that I think the high volume of poor shooting is leaving this year. I made this point elsewhere, but it was the Morgan/Langford/McRoberts/Fitzner that really killed our 3pt shooting percentages. Those guys took a ton of our attempts, and each of the 4 was under our average. Which means this will literally be addition by subtraction as to the 3pt shooting (maybe not as to the overall efficacy of our offense). Take those 4 guys out, and our 3pt percentage would at least put us at average, ideally opening the lane up for our offense to run better. I might be wrong, but the 3pt shooting still feels like something that will get better. Next, Juwan had to play most of our minutes at the 5 this year. He was out of position, and still handled most of those minutes. Trayce will not be a better post defender than Juwan next year. No one else is coming in. No one else showed me they are ready to defend opposing 5s. And shoot, De'Ron is decently effective there, but he might be injury prone, and is usually foul-prone. Simply put, I do not feel comfortable going into next year with no one else coming in to help us guard the 5. I think we need two legitimate 5s on the roster. Playing a 6'8" center just doesn't cut it. Now let's look at the actual player, and the effect he can have on our offense. I spend a lot of time looking at the barttorvik.com PORAPGATU! stat. That is, Points Over Replacement Per Adjusted Game At That Usage. It's an attempt to gauge an individual player's value over other players. For the full explanation, go here: https://www.bigtengeeks.com/new-stat-porpagatu/ The short story here is that after Romeo and Juwan, Indiana's roster was not good. Many subpar players soaking up minutes, if what we want is success in the B1G and tourney. Here's just a quick look. Look at the PRPG! stat, 3rd column after names. Notice that the good teams are 4-6 players deep with good players: Duke Virginia MSU Michigan Purdue (this one was eye-opening) Even Iowa Now here we are. We have Romeo and Juwan, very good (although not elite). And then we have bench players when comparing to teams above. And so people say they think a shooter will fix things or whatever, but to me we just need elevated play 1-5. For what it's worth, I wonder what, schematically, Archie could do (or do better) to put guys in a better position to succeed. That's not what I'm going after here, and I'm trying to avoid it. Evan Fitzner was supposed to come in and bring a threat. Last year at St. Mary's his PRPG! was just a 1.1. He was not an impact player or transfer. He was down to 0.8 this year, for some reason unable to maintain his 40% 3pt shooting. We all saw the open looks that didn't go down, so I don't blame that on Archie. De'Ron, as much as we love him, is still just a 1.3 PRPG!. Joey Brunk this year at Butler was a 2.5 PRPG!. Not a star, but that's at least the level of play that can keep up with other rosters' role players. If he were to come, that would be higher than anyone we have returning. He buys us two years of very good depth at a position that is difficult to fill. I think he'd be a huge get.
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    Given the landscape of both men's and women's college basketball old Tubby makes a very good point.
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    My goodness after reading all of the posts from last night, it must have been a wet Wednesday with some mid-week drinking. Jake was a reach, to begin with, and if he couldn't get any time on the floor during a losing streak then it was best that he moves on. Race was in concussion protocol for over a month and came back to pass him on the depth chart immediately. You need 3 maybe 4 good big men to compete in the Big Ten. We have Davis, Brunk :-), TJD and Thompson. Everyone calm down. Meetings will be over by the end of the day so this might be the last one besides Romeo.
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    It's April! Time to start slobbering over high school kids once again. lol You can view the full NCAA recruiting calendar at: https://ncaaorg.s3.amazonaws.com/eligibility/recruiting/calendars/2018-19DIMBB_RecruitingCalendar.pdf The major shoe company schedules are as follows: Nike (EYBL): April 26-28 in Atlanta (Live Period) / May 10-12 in Indy / May 24-26 in Dallas / July 10-14 Peach Jam in No. Augusta, SC (Live Period adidas: April 12-14 in multiple cities / April 26-28 in Dallas (Live Period) / May 24-26 in multiple cities / May 25-27 in multiple cities / July 11-14 in Birmingham, AL (Live Period) / July 18-21 Gauntlet Finale in Ladera Ranch, CA NOTE: Those events being held in multiple cities are called Qualifier events. Under Armour: April 12-14 in Chicago / April 26-28 in Kansas City (Live Period) / May 3-5 in New Jersey / July 11-12 in Atlanta (Live Period) / July 13-14 Under Armour Finals in North Atlanta (Live Period). I'll do my best to keep tabs on our targets of interest and post their stats as I have in the past. As a point of information for some of our newer followers, unless a '21 kid is playing "up" it's likely his AAU stats will not get published or if they are, it will be on a sporadic/incomplete basis. So having said that, if you know of a '21 who is indeed going to be playing in the 17U bracket, please let me know. My current list of such kids includes: Caleb Furst, Terrence Clarke, Khristian Lander and Blake Sisley. And I hate to add this, but I am really really tired of the redundancy of the negative posts that a handful just can't seem to stop putting into virtually every thread. I'm old and cranky and if it starts in this thread, I will delete the thread in its entirety. It takes a fair amount of my time to monitor the games and record the data which I'm more than happy to do. Discussing the talent level of the kids, their AAU results and our recruiting efforts is what this thread is about but that chronic bi**hing ain't gonna happen.
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    Devonte is getting his shots up!
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    You can't complain about there being a locker room and cultural problem and simultaneously be upset at a player transfeering whose dad is calling out his son's teammates by name on twitter
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    If the staff thinks he can help then who cares. Do you think Bennett gave a crap that when Kihei Clark decommitted from UC-Davis that Virginia fans were mad when he offered a 5’9 393 ranked kid? Probably not he thought he could help his program win. Worked out pretty nicely for Bennett since Clark make the biggest play in recent Virginia basketball history. Not bad for a 5’9 393 ranked freshman Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Well, let's just put it out there. LSU is fallen back because of the Wade situation. Alabama firing Johnson doesn't help but don't count them out if they hire Steve Prohm and he hires TW high school coach Memphis is good unless Miller takes the UNLV job. Duke hasn't offered yet but I think they like Hurt better and I believe he announces before TW. That brings us to IU. I was surprised to hear that both sides are back to talking and there is mutual interest.
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    Joe DeBlow to Rupp Rafters lol lol Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    And I think Rivals is the better fit for you.
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    Please not in recruiting threads. Please.
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    I thought it was funny that he didn't point out that Archie pulled Smith for standing and watching, put him back in a few minutes later, he gets a block, runs the floor for a dunk. But only Gregg Marshall does that stuff.
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    I am so excited for TJD and Armaan to get on campus. They are both trying to recruit Brunk and Windham. TJD is already working out with Brunk. They seem like the right guys for the culture along with Rob and Al.
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    Scheduled an OV for April 13 per Rabjohns. Important development.
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    This is honestly way more fun than Devonte smoking some Green. I live for this stuff.
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    It begins and ends with CULTURE. O$U doesn’t have to go through a rebuild because their culture was there before Holtmann. Ditto for UL and other programs. Why, at the end of the season, do we question their heart and effort?! Culture!!! There are so many cliches for this stuff. Hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard. (Or adapt and take on a new role) Johnny Dawkins had a locker room full of players filling buckets with tears because THEY FREAKING CARED! We have players that aren’t upset because now they can put it on cruise control. Archie didn’t forget how to coach. He took teams with lesser talent further. If you couldn’t see how pissed he was throughout the year you were drinking at Nips level. I couldn’t care less about star rating over the next 2-3 years. Give me a Race Thompson or Aljahmi Durham that’s going to work. Give me Joey Brunk that can help with locker room issues. Far too often, we had one or two players trying to lift the half ton rock by themselves while the rest of the team wasn’t interested. We need a full team pushing in the right direction. You could see through body language, effort, and interactions who gave a damn and who didn’t. Those kids that don’t need to move along to a better fit. This program won’t get anywhere near its potential until hard work and effort in EVERYTHING they do is the baseline. This program is better than letting kids run the damn thing. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Will, Vic, JuMo, RoJo, Troy, TB, OG. Out-of-state is basically all we got after Yogi's class and many complained that we weren't recruiting Indiana kids. Now we land several Indiana kids and we're not attractive to out-of-state recruits. Oh wait, Jerome is from Ohio. God, I love this board. Oops! Forgot Race is from Minnesota.
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    Lol. Most awkward post of the year candidate? Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Hopefully wherever this shitty season went it takes some of these shitty posters with it. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    I very rarely post on here, but I’ve been reading for a few years now. There’s a lot of great info on this forum, but man some people just really suck. If you can’t see through your own bias to see a situation from both sides, gtfoh. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    As for the rumors, I never heard any of those. Was there a fight in the locker room, yes but pretty sure it didn't involve Romeo. There are always rumors of players sleeping with girlfriends. Watford sleeping with Hulls g/f was a big one a few years ago. Hulls married that girl and Watford was in the wedding so we know that didn't happen. I was told on Friday that Anderson would be the next transfer, so we'll see if that happens. I think they are wrapping up the end of the year meetings this week. I still think that Smith goes too. I would take Brunk and Windham. I don't think Lewis is a possibility. Happy Monday!!!
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    When you say light years ahead do you mean he is much older and been doing this for a long time? As others have pointed out his record at Wichita St first three years was not very good in a lesser conference. He also didn't win his conference this year or make the NCAA. But I understand some of your frustrations. But it's funny to me what some of you put on coaching when it has nothing to do with coaching. I wish people could be at practice to see the coaching being done. But I can only go on Crean and Miller's practice. Last night to me didn't have anything to do with coaching, it had more to do with effort and shooting. Playing within yourself and knowing what a good shot is and what a bad shot is. All just my opinion though
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    Shhhhhiiii... it always means something. I get that it’s the NIT and not the big boy tourney. However, with this team and fan base we need to win. Not on you but in general, I abso-freaking-lutely hate the “it doesn’t mean anything” mentality. Everything means something and if we had the competitors we should then we don’t go into “who cares” mode for most of January and February to do enough damage to miss the big boy tourney. Everything matters, even a silly free throw competition for second to last place free throw shooter on the team. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app