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    It was closer to 8 this morning for me to get some news but I'm changing from 80% Romeo to IU to 98% Romeo to IU. I think that will be the first shoe to drop of a Great IU summer.
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    Some positive vibes around the athletic department today. If I were a betting man... Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    I'm 80% in with Romeo to IU. Nothing sourced just reading what everyone else is. I think EJ to UK is a sign that Vandy is out. Announcing at the NA gym is a good sign for IU, Coach SS info and what was said to the Watfords is all positive IU talk. So things could change but as of today, I'm saying Romeo to IU. As for the Watford info, there was a reason we didn't watch him for 38 games this high school season. It has all been worked out and we will be all over him this AAU season. But they called us to get the recruiting back flowing the right way. IUgradman can listen to Rabby & the Watfords all he wants to say IU is not in the lead but from the person or people recruiting him he is ours if we want him. The real question do we take Brooks and Watford because I believe we lead for both and we also I believe lead for TJD. The staff has had a plan for a while and it is falling into place.
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    Tell that to my girlfriend when I like any other girl's posts lol.
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    I guess you guys are stuck with me for another season. I wouldn't have it any other way!!
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    My brother is a member of this board and he thought I should share the renovation I am doing on my kid's bedroom floor. Finishing up the poly tomorrow. It probably would have had Thomas the Train on it if IU had not made a coaching change! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Welcome Coach Miller

    FWIW, I just received a text from a friend whose father-in-law is on the board of trustees. Claims Donovan (w/ Calbert as an assistant) is done and that an announcement may come as soon as tonight. Again, this is not confirmed, but the father-in-law's status is legit/confirmed (as he flies to all home games from Carmel), so I pay it some credence as it's consistent with what we all have been hearing....
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    Jeremiah April to transfer

    April leaves on May 1st... Just like every other year...
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    Josh Cook‏ @joshcooknewstri IU coach Archie Miller with a quick stop in the @NewAlbanyHoops locker room after the game.
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    De'Ron Davis, Justin Smith and Race Thompson are here at Seymour. Inside the hall Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    For the McDonald's game I'm gonna make a cake in my IU cake mold. If he commits to IU, I eat it in celebration. If anywhere else I eat it outta depression. If he doesn't commit that night, im just gonna eat it for the hell of it. But rest assured, I'm eating cake that night.
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    Wichita State fan here

    Hope for a good match on Friday; hopefully Perea will be able to play for you guys.  I'm just here to to talk a little bit about the game, matchups to watch between both teams, and wish the winner of this game good luck going forward.  I'm sure no matter who wins, we all would love to see Kansas and Kentucky miss the Final Four.     I'll go position by position to start with.  At PG we have Fred Van Vleet.  You've probably seen our guards a decent amount, but I'll give them each a blurb or two.  Fred is not as fast as Yogi.  In fact, he's actually fairly slow.  In a footrace, he's probably one of the slowest guys on our team.  To make up for that (and his size), he is insanely good at managing his speed.  His handles are top notch, and he really loves to catch players flat footed and pull up for a jump shot.  The battle at PG between him and Yogi will be intense, and the guys have played each other before in AAU play.  This is one of the better positional matchups in the first round.   Baker is a much better athlete than Fred, and drives a lot more.  In our loss to Illinois State he dunked three times in the first half and he leads the team in blocked shots.  Unlike Fred however, he is prone to making some pretty bad decisions.  He likes to throw caution to the wind and throw up heat check 3s and will make an occasional risky pass inside.  However, he is probably the player we will rely on the most.  Even when he isn't very efficient, he still usually finds a way to lead the team in scoring but if Indiana is hot we NEED him to be at his best.  We don't really have a lot of guys that make their own shot, and the team revolves around Fred and Ron creating opportunities for everyone else.  It will be interesting to see how Indiana decides to approach guarding him, because it isn't as natural as Yogi/Fred is.   Cotton is sort of our forgotten third piece.  He can have big games from time to time, but he rarely pushes his own shot.  He 3PT shot is incredibly streaky; he'll go entire months shooting 25-30% before jumping up to 50% to close the year.  However we mostly rely on his defense.  He has been the MVC DPoY twice in a row for his versatility more than his raw stats.  Cotton usually draws the toughest assignment on defense, whether that means a 5'10 PG or a 6'8 All-American PF (Doug McDermott).  He will be at a height disadvantage at 6' but he is crazy athletic and is good both on and off the ball.  He may guard Yogi, or whoever is hot for Indiana from outside.     That is the upside for us.  Our guards are our strength, our lifeblood.  Our posts, not so much.  We start 6'5" Evan Wessel at PF out of position; in the past he played SF for us and PG in HS (on the same team as KU's Perry Ellis).  Wessel's entire offense is the 3.  He'll fake it and drive, but so far there hasn't been a single person that has bit on the fake this season.  Evan is extremely good at getting loose balls, collecting rebounds, and that sort of thing but simply is not big enough to guard taller posts down low.  Instead he pushes them out to the perimeter and denies the ball.  That wouldn't be problem if we had a big defensive center.   We don't have a big defensive center.  Our starter is 6'7 Darius Carter, who is also playing out of position.  Carter is long for his height with good hops but has terrible lateral mobility and a tendency to foul.  Good centers give him fits but he is still honestly our best option.  What he lacks in defense, he makes up for on offense however.  He shoots relatively well out to 17', and is a very adept post scorer that primarily relies on the hook shot.  His tendency is to always shoot when he gets the ball though, sometimes putting him in bad position.  And while Indiana lacks the bruiser down low to exploit the size advantage you'll be pleased to know that he struggled to guard Tuttle when Tuttle drew him out to the perimeter.  With Indiana's ability to drive and shoot, it could be an issue for us.     We don't play much of a bench, though a lot of guys see occasional play we rarely go very deep.  Shaquille Morris is the biggest threat as our 6th man.  He's very similar to Carter in that he has good touch and can shoot, but is foul prone and makes mistakes on defense.  The upside for him is high, but he has had an up and down season.  There are a few guys off the bench that shoot the 3, but we aren't hiding any great post defenders or dynamics options in the backcourt.   As a group, we have struggled against big athletic teams that play zone.  We aren't as good at shooting the 3 as you guys are, and depend a lot that shot to open up driving lanes and free up the paint for Carter.  Our worst problem is that we go dead cold and flounder for 5 minutes or so a game when our shot is off, and even started out the year without a 3PT make for our first 60 minutes of play.  The zone forces us to shoot 3s, which can backfire when we are hot or go perfect when we aren't.     Our main offense is 4 out with a lot of ballscreens for Baker and Van Vleet at the top of the key, and we use variants against all forms of defenses.  We are one of the better teams in the nation in ballscreen situations, but worse in isolation.  Sometimes the roleplayers get caught looking for Fred or Ron to make a play, especially towards the end of games.  Everyone knows that Fred is going to get the ball and probably shoot a pull-up jumper, which has made it sometimes difficult for us to win close games (along with poor FT shooting).   The main strength of our team is probably our perimeter defense though.  Our starting backcourt is exceptionally good at turning up the defensive pressure at key points in the game and forcing 3-4 bad possessions in a row.  All three like to strip their man of the ball, and while Baker and Cotton aggressively jump passing lanes Van Vleet likes to dig out posts.     The keys for Indiana are relatively simple.  #1, avoid TOs.  #2, make 3s.  #3, find a way to attack Carter.  Wichita State needs to have a plan if Indiana gets hot (and you guys can get scary hot), and needs to involve guys not named Baker or Van Vleet.  I don't know if Indiana runs zone very often, but I expect them to try it if it is in their arsenal.  Indiana is probably best off avoiding unnecessary complexities on offense though to avoid the TO battle.     I expect this will be a close game between two very similar teams.  Best of luck to you guys, and if you win you absolutely owe it to us to beat Kansas.  
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    FWIW Juwan, Devonte, De’Ron and Vijay all signed a lease together for an apartment for next year. So it doesn’t look like any of them have plans on leaving. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    On a serious note any prayers you can can say would be great. My wifes mammogram didnt come back good and we are going back for further tests tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's ok but you never know. We will fight either way as she is an awfully strong willed woman. Sent from my SM-J700T using Tapatalk
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                The last few weeks have been a time of reflection combined with excitement for the future that Yogi has worked so hard to create.   It is my hope that his experiences, especially the process of reaching his recent decision, have taught him a ream of life lessons that have a positive impact on who he is and what he loves to do.   He has certainly learned that fans can be unrelenting.   As I go back and sift through the plethora of comments and analysis on whether he should stay or go, it’s easy to form a less than flattering opinion of the fan base. Forgive me if I’m a little jaded coming fresh off of a season where the IU men’s basketball team was booed at home by their own “fans.” Comments such as “Good luck overseas” were comical at best.   We can accept constructive criticism, but social media allowed some people to hide behind the keyboard and their cute, unassuming avi as they spewed their pessimistic and jaundiced view of Yogi and the fact that he would even consider leaving early.   Good enough to lead us to another banner … but not good enough to even consider the NBA.   Shame on him for wanting to continue doing what he loves: play basketball.   Some individuals had a more public platform to shed their non-enthusiastic views of the state of the Indiana University Men’s Basketball program, and the current comings and goings. I suppose every sports program has their very own Rush Limbaughs.   While that portion of the fan base was loud, it was also small. What we have learned above all is that Yogi is loved and appreciated at Indiana University. It is a joy to have the nugatory comments overshadowed by the true fans.   It is no secret that Yogi leaves it “all on the floor.” EVERY practice. EVERY game. Those who have realized that have given Yogi the respect as a basketball player that he deserves and blessed him regardless of his decision to stay or leave.   He certainly is an IU legend in his own right, and he will certainly continue to add to his accomplishments while he joins other elite players on the IU roster this season in the culmination of his four-year endeavor to hang another banner.   The support of so many individuals, including family, teammates, coaches, and fans, helped Yogi sustain a positive attitude while he made his decision. He felt the love of many and the acrimony of only a few. He knew what he had to gain by staying and he knew what he had to gain (yes: gain) by leaving.   The most wonderful thing about either decision was that either way he would continue doing what he loves: playing basketball.   Hoosier nation can now breath a sigh of relief.   I myself have been waiting to exhale since that loss in Nebraska.   As a parent, I sat by encouraging Yogi to make the choice that he himself could live with for the rest of his life … without wondering “What if?” I encouraged him to stay off of social media and sports blog sites. Everyone has an opinion, yet his was the only one that mattered.   Of course I weighed in with my wishes. It was no secret that I wanted him to stay for primarily educational reasons. He hopefully now is understanding the importance of secondary schooling.   Chances are, whatever path he chose for next year, he likely will be done playing basketball before or by the time he is 30 years old. Then what? Now he’ll have a college degree and an opportunity to stay in the sports world as a coach, commentator, or whatever sports-related endeavor he wishes to pursue.   Basketball has always been plan B.   Naturally, I took advantage of my unique position as his Mother to convey my wishes, but I assured him that I would support him no matter what. I successfully lined up a few of my own former college basketball players who one found themselves in the same position of the stay-or-go scenario. I wanted Yogi to get a full picture of what he was contemplating.   Yogi ultimately made his decision having done his research. The decision was not taken lightly.   Selfishly, I’ve become wedded to the Assembly Hall, which was definitely another reason I wanted him to stay. It’s my getaway, if you will. I am not ready to leave any more than Yogi is.   So, yes, education is the motivation to stay, but Hoosier Nation provides great incentives as well, without a doubt.   Thoughts on the future   This team is now “perfect” … or so I am told. But I beg to differ.   I feel like the recent teams of the past have had a great combination as well. After all, we’ve had guys like Victor Oladipo, Cody Zeller, and Noah Vonlah. Were they not good enough for a national championship? No one would argue that they are not elite players.   We are now adding more top Rivals players, but they are “green.” Will they be ready to play? We can only hope so.   I hope that the leadership of the seniors and other upperclassmen on the team help this 2015 team to gel cohesively and quickly. If the past three years have taught me anything, it would be to not over-predict the success or failure of a team before the games begin.   Preseason predictions are sometimes no more than best guesses using tarot cards and a crystal ball. Yogi knows all too well — that a number one ranked team can be beaten by a lesser regarded team any day of the week. Skill certainly contributes to success, but heart and luck belong in a winning recipe as well.   I shall remain optimistic and hopeful nevertheless.   Here’s to a year of hanging banners and breaking records.   Here’s to another year of candy stripes.   Here’s to another year of “Are you Yogi’s Mom?”   Here’s to another year of Assembly Hall and being the sixth man.   Here’s to another year of sideline coaches and radio hosts.   Here’s to another year of basketball know-it-alls … who have never played or coached a day of basketball in their life.   Here’s to another year of blogs and people who claim they never read them.   Here’s to supporting Coach Crean and being crucified for it.   Here’s to not having it any other way.   Here’s to one more year.   And hopefully one more banner.             [url=http://doclibby.net/2015/05/01/yogis-decision/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=yogis-decision]View the full article[/url]
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    With Bill Self in the mother****ing gym. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Romeo Langford exits with 38 points and the entire New Albany gym is chanting “IU, IU, IU.” #iubb Insidethehall Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Welcome Coach Miller

    My text convo with a friend who is a Dayton grad and a diehard fan: Me: "Sorry, brother." Him: "F..k you." Him: "I don't know what the f..k we're gonna do now." Me: "I hear Tom Crean is available." Him: "F..k you."
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      Thank you---but whoa...why all the fuss? And how did you know I was returning?  Word travels fast.  I have missed you Alaska and BTown Banners---I just had to take a break for awhile from all the negativity and name calling---I checked back from time to time---and things are a little calmer now!  Easter, a UK loss, and a 5 star center make everything a little better!   I love the off-season and will start contributing again.  Great to be back!  I have to get back to work now---but as usual,  I will resume the midnight shift! And---On Wisconsin!  Let's bring a national championship back to the Big Ten Conference!  
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    A friend sent me a screenshot of a post on another site that said this: "When Romeo was signing autographs after the Jennings County game, one of the kids gave him a paper folded in half to sign. After Romeo signed it, the kid opened it up and had printed out "Letter of Intent to Indiana University." Romeo cracked up and was about the only time he smiled the whole night after scoring 63 points." Thought that was awesome!
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    New Albany on the road at Jennings Co. and this from Rabjohns: National top-five prospect Romeo Langford and New Albany are playing at Jennings County tonight. Text I received: "Jennings County’s student section theme is IU. ... Like a black out, red out, it’s an IU out." Thank you Jennings County fans.
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    Parakeet Jones

    My dad is cancer free!

    I posted in a thread or two from this past season that my dad wasn't going to be able to attend any games this past year due to chemo. Well, he got word today that his latest scan is clear. It was tough not having him make the run up 37 with me this winter, but he's going to be back and ready to roll next year though. Let's just hope Yogi is back too. Thanks to all of you who said a prayer for him.
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    My Lord. To read the ISU game thread, Archie Miller can't coach, Indiana may never win again, and we will lose every recruit that ever considered Indiana. Folks, Tom Crean left a bare cupboard. That's a simple reality. Josh Newkirk is a transfer. Kids transfer for reasons. Not many are overly positive. Freddie McSwain is a JUCO kid with hands like frying pans. Juwon Morgan is not a starter on any good team. Especially as a kid expected to rebound. Davis is in his first season with any real expectations on him. As recently as 9 months ago, Robert Johnson was considered something of a cancer along with Blackmon. Same with Green as Davis....expectations that are probably too high (and a kid who I don't think is anywhere NEAR ready for that kind of role) Hartman didn't play. We don't have shooters. We have a team of kids who need to break old, bad habits. We don't have a ton of talent. We don't have a ton of leadership. We don't have kids who know their roles. We don't have a single Miller recruit in the program (let that sink in). What did anyone expect this season to look like? Especially game 1? 6 weeks ago in a thread, I said 16-18 wins would be really good for this team. Many agreed. If 16-18 wins is good, 10-14 might be more of a reality. Here are some positives. We got to the FT line 33 times. We made 23. They shot 18. We forced 19 turnovers. Okay...that's really it; but the point is the same. This is a coach trying to play with another coach's recruits and players, playing with a completely new style, and a huge lack of depth and size. Few teams will shoot 17-26 from the 3 point line; and yes...I know our defense was bad. But for the love of God and all things holy, be realistic about where we are; and please stop with the incessant blaming of coaching for this loss or the way this team looks. That game had ZERO to do with Archie Miller and his outlook at Indiana.
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    Rick Bozich On Crean and Co.

    BOZICH | The story CBS, ESPN and others have missed on Indiana basketball Posted: Jan 19, 2015 2:51 PM EST Updated: Jan 19, 2015 3:34 PM EST By Rick BozichCONNECT LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The competition for Best Fiction written about the Indiana University basketball team is crowded, intense and unrelenting. Everybody but Stephen King has entered the race. The New York Daily News fired the opening shot last spring, elevating fired Knicks coach Mike Woodson to the Indiana head coaching position. ESPN upped the ante last summer, ranking the Top 50 coaches in college basketball. Bob Hoffman of Mercer, Chris Mack of Xavier and Ed Cooley of Providence made the list. IU coach Tom Crean did not. The Indy Star refused to be ignored. They shrieked that Crean needed to lose his job in November after he was forced to punish about a half-dozen players for off-the-court issues. They also have a fascination with a coach who has lost 82 of 120 games with the Celtics. CBSSports.com wants in the game, too. After the Hoosiers won at Illinois Sunday to improve to 4-1 in the Big Ten, a CBS guy wrote that the victory convinced him the Hoosiers will make the NCAA Tournament and “save,” Crean's job. Sources say his source is the same guy who tipped the Daily News on Woodson. Here is my non-fiction response to the considerable fiction being shared about the Hoosiers: 1. Woodson, an IU alum, is an assistant coach with the Los Angeles Clippers, a franchise that continues to mildly underachieve. The next college basketball game Woodson coaches will be his first. 2. Crean has played seven games this season against coaches ranked on ESPN's magical Top 50. He lost to Rick Pitino (ranked fifth), John Thompson III (46th) and Tom Izzo (third). He defeated Larry Brown (21st), Jamie Dixon (25th), Thad Matta (20th) and Tim Miles (32nd). I believe that is four wins, three losses – with an IU team that was picked to finish as low as 10th in the Big Ten by some. 3. Crean's guys have delivered four consecutive seasons of perfect 1000 APR scores, which is the system the NCAA uses to measure academic progress. Many of his players earned degrees in three seasons. Several left Bloomington with post-graduate degrees – in case anybody is old-fashioned enough to believe that stuff actually matters. Have there been nights of knucklehead behavior? You bet. Was the program out of control? Ask a better question. 4. That was a nice victory at Illinois, where the Illini were unbeaten this season. But I don't recall hearing IU athletic director Fred Glass ever saying that Crean needed to “save” his job. Actually, I believe Glass signed Crean to a deal that lasts until 2020 before Crean won the 2013 Big Ten regular season title. Here is the story the speculators are missing: Crean, his coaching staff and players have delivered a poised and persistent effort this season, winning 14 of 18 games. They have done good work. It's not that hard to see – or write. They've won three Big Ten games they were not favored or projected to win. They've won three games against Top 25 opponents – and lost two. The other 13 Big Ten teams have combined to go 4-26 against Top 25 opponents, according to ESPN.com. I am awaiting confirmation that coaching had anything to do with this. They've done it without getting one minute from Devin Davis, a guy who figured to be one of their two best rebounders. Davis suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident on Halloween Night and just resumed sitting on the IU bench last week. They've done it for the last two games without Hanner Mosquera-Perea, their only rotation player taller than 6 feet 7. He's got an injured knee and figures to miss at least six more games. Mosquera-Perea isn't Noah Vonleh or Luke Fischer, the two big guys Crean planned to have on this team. But he was the only paint protector the Hoosiers had. They've done it while using four freshmen – two guards (James Blackmon Jr. and Robert Johnson) that Crean recruited to fix Indiana's shooting issues and two frontcourt players (Max Hoetzel and Emmitt Holt) that most Top 25 programs had no interest in recruiting. They've done it as Crean's proven ability to develop players (roll video of Dwyane Wade and Victor Oladipo) has started to transform Troy Williams into one of the most dynamic players in the Big Ten. They've done it with Yogi Ferrell shooting less while passing, defending and leading more. They've done it with Collin Hartman and Nick Zeisloft making an occasional three and scrambling for an occasional rebound. They've done it despite all the silly background noise about Woodson, Top 50 coaches' lists and Crean's job security. Crean has tuned out the nonsense and tuned into his young team, which does not have a senior. He has logged off Twitter and logged into creating ways to win with an undersized lineup. The Hoosiers have improved their shooting, ball-handling and team play. They'll need to improve their defense and rebounding to keep winning in the Big Ten, but Crean knows that. Are they a cinch to make the NCAA Tournament? Not yet. Ken Pomeroy's computer formula considers Indiana the underdog in four of the Hoosiers' next five games. Are they a Top 25 team? The Hoosiers sit 23rd in AP and USA Today coaches' poll. Joe Lunardi has them an eight-seed in the NCAA field. Is a losing streak possible? Heavens, yes. It's Big Ten basketball. Minnesota, a team picked to finish ahead of IU, lost five straight. Ohio State, a top three pre-season Big Ten team, is 3-3 in the league. And those two programs have ESPN Top 50 coaches. Crean doesn't think his team has arrived yet. He knows he has work to do. He's learned that at Indiana you're always just 40 bad minutes away from hearing what you did wrong. But Crean has always been eager to do the work – even if that doesn't fit the fictional narrative around Indiana basketball. For 18 games, Crean, his staff and players have outperformed expectations. I don't need to check the New York Daily News and CBSSports sources to report that. Pretty good read. Putting into perspective just how impressive Crean and team have been this year.