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    From Rick Bozich - As the bracket talk goes 24/7, a reminder. BracketMatrix compiles results of bracketologists. Of the 133 folks who have done brackets over last 5 years, Joe Lunardi ranks 55th and Jerry Palm is 85. That's a 14 seed and NIT bubble bracket guy. Carry on.
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    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed

    We're in serious play with this young man. His guardian has been following IU since childhood and his visit earlier in the season was a bucket list type of deal. Posts alot of nice things about IU on twitter and has had positive responses about a few of mine also. Hope Aminu has a great OV and Shawn steers him this way!
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    Joey Brunk to Indiana

    I thought I'd bring this thread back to life to share this. So many threads lean toward the negative -- and hey, I'm as negative as anyone (well, not as negative as some on here!) -- so I thought I'd change things up with some positivity.
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    Fred only has cornvirus, not coronavirus. Good night folks!
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    The thing is he ranted about Archie owing Lunardi an apology, about how his job is to win games, about being under .500 in conference being a disqualifier, about he doesn't care how tough the conference is, how he will defend Lunardi because he knows how hard he works... blah blah blah But then the next topic he got on was how great UNC is... how they could make a run.... well guess what they were 6-14 in conference... and they are under .500 in total.... I get that he wasn't necessarily advocating for them to get an At Large bid... but still seems very hypocritical to me.
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    College Bball Thread

    Guys...Joe “Joey Brackets” Lunardi just admitted, on national dang television, that Indiana is in his last 4 in because he feels like that’s what he wants to do and not because he’s making a true prediction on what will happen. I hereby declare any serious reference to Lunardi’s bracketology punishable by perma-ban.
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    Archie talking about Geronimo. “He’s about 6-foot-6 right now and he’ll have the longest wingspan on our team,” Miller said. “He’ll be over 7-foot-2 maybe on his wingspan.” https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-archie-miller-talks-2020-signee-jordan-geronimos-senior-season/?fbclid=IwAR03pP9F2aZENW0ec4PBphGa3AI6Cl2r9Rv8Y3103tNf6qdhjE9a8UJi0vM
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    My hopes for a reclass Lander’s freshman performance? About what DJ Carton looked like for OSU this year before he got shut down.
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    Nick Baumgart - IU-commit Khristian Lander says if he stays on track, he could be done with his high school requirements by the end of May, and there's a possibility he could be a June arrival. Expect him in 2020. Will play AAU this spring and if Indy Heat advances to Peach Jam.
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    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    The Archie Miller Era to Date: Year One: 16-15, no tourney Year Two: 19-16, NIT Year Three: 19-11, NCAA Year Four: NCAA Tourney is a given...Ranked
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    Nick Baumgart - Last 2 games: 66 points on just 36 shots. He's made 33-of-45 *total* shots that have left his hand (15-23 2FG, 9-13 3FG, 9-9 FT) in 63 minutes-plus. Added 14 rbs, 9 asts, 5 stls, 3 blks. Shooting 69% on 3s
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    IU Football Off-Season

    Man, you guys are faster than the pros! CCG would have been proud of you!
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    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    Bracketology 2020 1 seeds- Kansas, Baylor, Zags, San Diego St Kansas has by far the most impressive resume so far this year. They are number 1 in pretty much every metric, sos, and have the most impressive wins. 11 Q1 wins(6 of those Q1a) and all their losses to Q1a teams. Eye test tells you they are the team to beat going into the tournament and the numbers back that up 2 seeds- Maryland, Seton Hall, Dayton, Kentucky Many probably have Dayton as the first 2 seed but I just couldn't put them ahead of the other 2 in front of them. I think Dayton is a legit final 4 contender but their limited Q1 games hold them back a little and I think the committee will hold them back a little as well. Kentuckys Q4 loss could end of costing them a seed line in the end. Personally I think Seton Hall has the team to make the Final 4 depending on matchups 3 seed- Creighton, Louisville, Florida St, Nova If you haven't gotten a chance to watch Creighton play this year I highly recommend watching them in these next 2 weeks before the tournament starts. By far one of the best offensive teams and one of my favorite teams to watch. Their numbers are really good as well and stack up to anyone on around them. I would of had them on the 2 line if they would of won at St Johns. 4 seed- Duke, Oregon, Sparty, Auburn Duke a 4 seed? don't tell espn I have them on the 4 line they might find a way to delete this thread. While I personally think they are better then a 4 seed this is where they are for now. They need to face Florida St and Louisville in ACC Tourney and win them to gain a couple more Q1 games. ACC being down has caused a lack of Q1 opportunities for the upper tier teams. Oregon has Pritchard so I would not count them out. They have stumbled a bit from what I thought they would be this year but I think they have a run in them 5 seed-Penn St, Iowa, Ohio St, Wisky All B1G 5 seeds with the top 6 a B1G team as well. Put those teams in a hat and draw them out would probably be a better way of looking at them. Not a lot of separation between them as of today but luckily the last week and B1G tournament will give some of these teams a chance to improve their resumes or provide a chance to tumble. 6 seed-Michigan, BYU, Marquette, Colorado BYU is my sleeper team to make a run to the final 4. Most their losses came without their best player Childs. They have the shooting and they have the big man down low. Haws isn't afraid of being the go to guy and take the big shot and he has hit a couple of them this year. Byu/Creighton would be a heck of a matchup in the tourney 7 seed-West Virginia, Butler, Virginia, Illinois West Virginia was once in the committee's top 16 reveal but they have fallen quite a lot since then. Their offense especially their shooting has been abysmal(sound familiar) Butler has fallen as well. I might of dropped them too much to be honest but for Hova's dislike for Butler I decided drop them to a 7. 8 seed- Zona, LSU, USC, St Marys After the 7 line it really gets hard separating some of these teams. Actually this year that could probably be said from seeds 5-12. This tournament is going to be wild and I can not wait for the chaos. Throw the seeds out the door 9seed-Houston, Oklahoma, IU, Arizona St IU needs to take care of business on Wednesday and for me with the resume they already have IU will be in this tournament despite the results of the games after Wednesday. Ive said 19 regular season wins would get them in since January and they have given me no reason to change that line of thinking today Top 45 SOS( I know ken pom is lower) and 0 losses outside the NET top 50 plus 6Q1wins and at the least 2Q2 wins gives IU some breathing room going into the B1G tournament as long as they get to 19. Unlike some resumes iu can afford a bad loss and still have a feel confident about their chances. Even if the worst happens iu would still be18-13 heading into the B1G tourney and would be at least 4 games over .500 which if you follow me on here is a big deal for teams trying to make the tournament. 10 seed-Texas Tech, Xavier, Florida, Providence Ed Cooley is one of the most underrated coaches in the game today. The guy can flat out coach. a couple years ago he was apart of the first all access games where the mic'd the coaches. Since that time I have been a big fan of his. His team was dead in the water after non-conference play and everyone including myself wrote them off. Big turn around and now they are in a position to get an at-large bid even with 4 Q3-4 losses. 11 seed- Stanford, ETSU, No Iowa, Rutgers I think ETSU and No Iowa cannot have any slip ups in their conference tournaments. ETSU can only lose to Furman or maybe Greensburo and still feel safe about an at large bid. While it might not be fair to mid majors this is the system and since their Q1 and Q2 chances are slim they have less margin of error. it didn't help that they could of scheduled just a little stronger in the non conference but this is where we are. Rutgers needs to win some games away from home and that means @Purdue or in the B1G tourney or this feel good story all year might end up a nightmare for them and they go to the NIT Last 4 In- Wichita St, Utah St, Rhode Island, Cincy Wichta St dodged a bullet yesterday but it didn't save them from being near the cutline. They have 2 Q1 wins(non tourney teams) and 7 Q2 wins(1 against a tourney team) Oklahoma (9 seed)is their only win against the NET top 50. I know some are worried about iu being on the cutline but these are the types of resumes that will be compared to IU's if they fall to the bubble. FWIW iu has 6 top 50 wins Teams that are close NC State, Texas, Richmond, UCLA, Miss St, Arkansas, Memphis, Bama, Tenn, Purdue mid major teams to watch ETSU- This team is really good and has a bunch of seniors. if they make the tournament they will win their 1st game and possibly make the sweet 16 No Iowa- They have a superstar in their pg Green who is a high major player without question. His dad is the assistant coach at No Iowa Furman, UNC Greensburo, SF Austin, Yale, Liberty Conference Tournaments start Tuesday The tournament you guys need to watch is the SoCon tournament. This tournament is going to be just as good as any high major tournament. I will post one more update right before selection Sunday. Things will change and the seeds will need scrubbing before then but until then enjoy the madness that is coming. 1 more week of work then this mailman is on vacation for 3 weeks. as always if you have any bracketology questions just ask them in this thread
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    Maybe a new Hoosier?

    Bump: Accepted to the University? CHECK Jacobs School audition + Jacobs School acceptance? CHECK! One step to go...
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    IU finished the season playing 13 straight games against top 50 NET teams. They finished 5-8 against those teams with a 1 point loss at home to conference winner Maryland, 1 pt road loss to 4th place Illinois and 4 pt home loss to conference winner Wisconsin. Margin of error for a tied for 10th place finish compared to a top of the half of the league finish is crazy to think about. Taking the next step is going to require protecting home court better. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    I shall never accuse you of potentially being pleasantly surprised again.
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    Lander put on a show in his semifinal game against Evansville Harrison which Reitz won 84-67. His final stat line reported by the Courier & Press as 32 points 5 rebounds 5 assists. He was 14 of 16 from the field, perfect (6 of 6) from deep. It was 61-45 at the end of 3 quarters. Nick Baumgart reported he had 29 at the end of 3 and in the 3rd Q scored 12 points on 4-of-4 shooting in the 3rd quarter including two 3's. For the game has 29 pts on 11-12 shooting from the floor (4-of-4 on 3's), 5 rbs, 3 asts through 3 quarters He had 17 pts. at halftime on 7-of-8 shooting including 3-of-3 on 3's, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and 1 turnover.
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    I’m not sure how good of a player he’ll be especially early on, but I’m ecstatic for cupcake season to watch him yam on some poor kid from Directional State.
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    Prayer Thread

    Praise report: Late January of this year I had a spot removed that came back positive for melanoma cancer. This prompted them to have to do a wide margin incision of the area (got a cool scar on my forearm) and removal of a lymph node. The lymph node came back positive for cancer. Here’s where the praise report starts: they only found a single cancer cell within a single cell of the lymp node. Which only measured .02mm. Technically this is what they call stage 3 melanoma but my oncologist said in her decades of doing this she’s never seen a case like mine. She says I’m not even really a stage 3 and my prognosis is extremely good with less than 10% reoccurrence of melanoma. Seeing a melanoma specialist in Indy in April to decide if if I should do immunotherapy or not. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Prayer Thread

    Asking for prayers myself. Trying to kick a 13 yr habit one day at a time. Day 11 today Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    So tonight will be his third time to watch an IU game? And tonight's visit for a mid-week game no less. Seems like there is mutual interest.
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    NOLA Hoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Sorry, but this is getting ridiculous. The people who have died have all been elderly with underlying health issues. COVID-19 is less contagious than the flu. Better safe than sorry, but this is a lot of hype... ...for the record, if I die from it, all of you can cite this post as an example of someone who didn't take it seriously enough.
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    College Bball Thread

    Yeah usps guy says get to 19 wins and they are in. Nothing has changed from usps guy Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Really nice moment in the Vermont vs. U of Albany. Josh Speidel got to start and UAlbany allowed him to score Vermont's first basket. If you've forgotten, Speidel was a highly touted UVM recruit from Columbus, IN, before a car accident in high school left him in a coma.