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    The transfer stuff was not in 1 on 1 meeting, it was in the locker room with every player after the Northwestern game. He screaming at them about playing hard and said if you are not going to play hard, play my way, then bring me your transfer papers and I will sign them, and find you a nice place to go play at. That is what I was told. Now I believe he did have some 1 on 1's but the transfer stuff was in front of everyone.
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    I do not know if it's toxic or not or the picture is an accurate description or not. I just spoke to someone who was in the locker room after the game. This person has been in the locker room for the last 10 years and he said it was unlike anything he has seen before. He said it seemed like Coach Knight in his heyday the way he was lighting these players up. There was talk about getting players off the team, making some transfer and just tired of not playing hard. Now is the time to see if it was just talking or will something change tomorrow.
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    Archie finally(!!!!) said in his presser that he may only play 5 guys if they’re the ones that will play hard. Thank you lord please let him see the light
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    So apparently after the Northwestern win the coaches had meetings with several players 1 on 1. A couple of players basically got told it's my way or there's the door. CAM I guess told a couple of players they could have their release and transfer. Will anything come of it? I'm not sure but it has been reported on multiple message boards today as having happened. Archie even said yesterday I believe that the 11 man rotation they had been using wasn't going to work moving forward. Curious if anyone else has heard anything about this the last couple of days?
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    OC Candidates

    You called it https://www.si.com/college/indiana/football/indiana-football-kevin-wright-joins-staff-img-academy This is a huge hire. The recruiting doors he opens in state and in Florida can't be overstated. As far as Sheridan goes, I can understand some of the pensive reactions. I'm a bit biased as I coached Nick in jr high and know his dad. His dad is a long time asst coach at the high D1 and NFL level. It's a football family with the mindset that will mesh well with what CTA preaches. Nick as a freshman had a football IQ that was off the charts and a personality of a true leader. If he's continued to develop those qualities, I think we may have gotten us a real good one. Go Hoosiers!
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    Bloomington South hangs on (barely) for a 44-41 win. At the end of 3, South led 40-27. In the 4th Q, Leal picked up his 4th foul and went to the bench for about 3 min. during which North cut the lead to 7. Leal returned and 30 sec. later picked up #5 and South scrambled for dear life for the rest of the game. I had Leal with 18; announcers said 16. I had 6-15 FG; just 1-6 on 3s; 5-7 FT; 7 reb; 1 assist; 1 TO; 5 stls; 1 blk. The more games I watch of him, he seems to have a knack for knowing where the ball is going and he also has quick hands. He's definitely not afraid to take it to the bucket and IMO the refs could have called fouls on North but didn't. Public Service Announcement: I try to get recruit game info posted as quickly as possible but that won't be the case for the next 2 weeks. I'm going to be lounging on white sandy beaches watching scantily clad women cavort. Watching because 1) that's all my wife will let me do and 2) at my age watching is all I can do. I'll do some catching up on game stats when I get back. Please win some men's games while I'm gone.
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    I guess I should just say that I was told that the postgame was different than any other postgame ever in the Archie era. Much different.
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    Here’s my quick take: I’m frustrated has heck right now with the program, Archie, players, etc. I was a huge Archie supporter, even during the horrible stretch of losses last season. However, I’m quickly being turned off of our men’s basketball program that we all love so much with how things are trending. Do I think he needs to be fired, no, but missing the tournament this year will be a nail in the coffin. There is no excuse for missing the tournament this season. However, I’m also trying to give Coach Miller some benefit of the doubt because our upperclassmen just aren’t cutting it for this team. Now, I do believe Archie’s system is slightly flawed and when you have these juniors and seniors on the roster it gets really exposed. Archie’s defense mindset first is great, but if all you want are defensive players that can really hurt your offense. This team needs shooters and playmakers, but does recruiting to defense and certain attributes for this type of ball kill any potential for a good offense? You have to find balance to some degree, and this team has none. I do understand some of our best players have been injured and that does really hamper a team, but this is now year 2 of that. Is this a player issue, training issue, or what? At the end of the day, Archie will be here a guaranteed 4th year and most likely 5th. I’ve come to terms with that and while I have quite a bit of pessimism going forward, I want nothing more than this team to turn it around. I don’t agree with cutting ties now or after this year, because I do believe there is reason for hope in the midst of my pessimism. I feel like I represent a lot of Hoosier Nation right now, but maybe I’m wrong. I’m mad and frustrated, but believe Archie deserves a little longer. I want nothing more than for Archie to be the guy and make us a consistent B1G and NCAA Tourny contender (not just barely in, I mean a good contender) like this program can be capable of. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Funny you mention that. I went to watch another team in the state on Saturday who will be a tournament team this year since I figured IU would lose @ Maryland. Thankful for some connections I got to go into the locker room after the game. I was able to sit down with the coaches for a little while and just talk about CBB. IU came up, and the head coach said in the last 10 years it seems to me that IU fans just wait for something bad to happen during the season and the first thing that comes up is fire the coach. He said so many fans have no idea what is going on day to day with a program but it's always fire the coach is the answer. I said so you wouldn't be interested and he said HELL NO and we all laughed. Anyway sorry for rambling but it made me think of you and others.
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    IUGradman ?????
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    College Bball Thread

    Quick (kinda) story about my shopping experience the other night that made me realize even further that IU has the greatest fans out there. Let me start the story off by saying I live down here in SE Indiana, roughly 5 minutes from the Kentucky border. I was finishing up my Christmas shopping in Kentucky as they have the closest mall to where I’m located. I was attempting to pull out of an overcrowded parking lot. A gentleman sitting in the lane that I needed to be in began waving his arms, pointing at the front of my car, and yelling things at me. I recently had to put a chunk of change into my car for repairs so I instantly thought, sh!t, something is wrong with my car again. I roll my window down and he says “Hey, are you an IU fan?” I shake my head and yell yes. Expecting him to be a UK fan and say something ignorant based on where we are, he surprisingly says “I’m going to let you out!” Which didn’t sit well with the hundreds of other ppl waiting that could’ve been let out. We then get up to the light and he rolls up next to me. “And you don’t like UK either do ya?” He asked me. “Hell no” I respond. Turns out he has season tickets and was a handful of rows behind Vic at the FSU game(yes we had a full on conversation about games we’ve been to and are going to in the short amount of time waiting at the light). IU fans are the greatest! Merry Christmas! Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Get that weak a$$ Ohio State team outta our gym. Hoosiers.
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    Whenever I talk bad about Brunk, he pretty obviously reads my posts and immediately turns it around. I’d like everyone to thank me for my service now.
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    It wasn't just Green though, he had a long list of people he went through.
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    I've played both high school and college baseball and even two years professionally. Never once did a coach have to motivate me to play my hardest. After junior college I went to a D1 program where I absolutely despised the coach. I still gave him everything I had. I did leave after my junior year and spent my senior season at an NAIA school, before signing a contract to play independent ball. The past 5 years I was an assistant high school baseball coach. I gave it up this season to focus on my own kids. Our team in 2018 was conference champs and ended the season in the Sectonal championship game at 18-9. From that team we lost one everyday player. He was a great player and great kid who had good leadership skills. The player who replaced him in 2019 was also a great player. Different types of hitters, but both hit close to .400 and were really nice in the field. We finished last season 12-13 and .500 in the conference. We still had an amazing future D1 pitcher on the team as well. What was the difference in these two teams...one teenage leader. Except for one kid, The rest were satisfied with where they were at. They could not be motivated with positivity or negativity. I, nor the other coaches could make them want to win as bad as we wanted to win. Trust me, I know there are differences in high school and college athletes, I've been there. It is up to a coach to provide players every opportunity to make him/herself better. It is up to the kids to be motivated enough to want to get better. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Whop Returning

    Woot Woot!...er Whop Whop!
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    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed

    At Old Fart’s behest, wanted to give a little context to Mohammed’s video game numbers. His competition isn’t as good as Luke Brown’s. Despite being in Springfield, MO, which has some decent talent in and around the area, Greenwood plays against none of those schools. It has something like 120 kids 9-12 and plays nothing but small rural schools of similar size. Example: they have a game coming up against undefeated South Iron, which is the #3 ranked class 1 school in the state. It may not be graduating 25 kids this spring. That’s typical. He won’t play against another D1 prospect this year. So basically he’s an NBA kid playing against farm kids. If Mohammed wanted to avg 50 a night, he could. So his numbers are entertaining, though not really instructive. But he requires no projection at all. A blind guy sees his talent. You could drop Mohammed on Ben Davis or Center Grove and he could avg 30 and 12 in the Metro. He’s just a gifted, gifted kid. Fwiw
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    College Bball Thread

    Merry Christmas college hoops junkies. Ball St/Portland get the day started (after I do some Just Dance 2020 with the girls) looks like Santa left something for the kids( or did he get for himself. Lol) Hope everyone has a great day with family
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    Rarely disagree with Hova. but I can’t help it...I luvs me some Gus!
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    Bieber can go back to Canada for all I care Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Of all the things about which to criticize Archie -- and there are plenty -- we're gonna fuss about gum? Really? That's like Crean with the clapping. To me, it's just very silly and trite.
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    12-3 baby, wasn't pretty but a W. Seems like we learned something the last 10 minutes of the game. I loved the quotes after the game too. Just keep finding a way to win at home and steal one on the road. I'm guessing Rob, Al, Justin, TJD, and Joey get a lot of minutes against OSU. Green will get a small shot to redeem himself, Race, Hunter also get some minutes probably along with Franklin.
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    Where were you before the Arkansas loss? (Answer: You hadn’t even *reacted* to a post since August) Get out of here with this.
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    If there is any coach at the mid major level, it’s Travis Steele. Stud recruiter. if I had my way, we’d bring back Kelvin Sampson. Please spare me the moral high horse arguments. I just want to ******* win.
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    Now that Phase 1 (non conference) is compete here is a look at where IU stands. Before the season started many on here felt that this IU team wasn’t a NCAA tournament team and pointed out that no media had them in their projections. As 1 of 3 phases is compete IU has squarely put itself in position(like they did last year) to earn a ncaa tournament bid In the non-conference IU went 10-1 IU has a Quad 1 win IU had 2 Quad 2 wins on neutral courts IU had a chance to have a great non conference this year but had to settle for a good non conference IU missed out on a home opportunity against Arkansas. IU’s only loss in the non conference was a Quad 1 loss IU did nothing in the non conference that hurts its chances to earn a bid but they did miss out on an opportunity to improve their resume Moving forward into Phase 2 IU will have multiple chances to improve their resume while playing in the B1G. So far IU is 1-1 in conference play with its only loss to Wisky(net 34) a road Quad 1 loss. IU’s next 9 games are going to be a challenge. It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. IU is projected to go 2-7 in the next 9 games. After that the schedule becomes more manageable. This only my opinion but I think they will do better then that. Since this is a bracketology and resume thread No need for comments about “but they looked like crap while winning the game” you got plenty of places to add that this thread focuses on that numbers and for now the numbers say IU has put itself in good position heading into conference play. For me personally they have the resume that I thought they would have up until this point. Only difference was I thought they would split the neutral court games Buckle up people. Will IU do enough in conference or will they have another historically collapse like last year? Can’t wait to find out. Feel free to shoot some Bracketology or team resume questions in this thread and I will try to answer them This thread is a resume and bracketology thread Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners