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  2. RT @CoachMotto: Real "teams" are formed when players come together and become accountable to each other.

  3. In bed for the night. Good night everyone — watching The Golden Girls

  4. RT @JamieErdahl: 10 years ago tonight #GossipGirl first aired? I know how I'm spending the next 3 hours.. xoxo, The Girl Who Still Can't Dr…

  5. ????????????????????☢☢☢☣☣☣☣

  6. RT @RedSox: The kings of extra innings have done it again! FINAL/11:#RedSox 1, Orioles 0. #WINDANCEREPEAT https://t.co/ENI7Gqmm8n

  7. @CBSNews What is wrong with Lindsey? Millions will lose coverage. Sen Alexander & Murray working to FIX problems wi… https://t.co/jNGQ4o7iW3

  8. This may take @jawwwwnnnn a few different tweets to list them all ????????????

  9. RT @Kyle_Feldscher: John Kelly apparently went through some sort of existential crisis during Trump's UN speech. https://t.co/v0JUz21klN

  10. @logan_marie93 @noooluhhh and me ????

  11. Yesterday
  12. RT @ScratchPolitics: In poker, this hand is known as a "Douchebag Flush." ♠️♣️♥️♦️???? https://t.co/1MXwl4KB32

  13. @annieheilbrunn It's gonna be a break even scenario if other teams tix don't sell well. Problem is that if brokers… https://t.co/qlUu6KiOyR

  14. I checked in at Red on #Yelp https://t.co/PCK83p9QKK

  15. @BlaineGodbey According to my mom and step dad— yes!

  16. RT @conecora1: Watch with caution. Building in Mexico City during dual earthquakes 7.1 in Morelos and 6.8 in Puebla. https://t.co/8A1aLMGZYY

  17. @pjmclaugh Right there with you. I guess the binder says otherwise? smh

  18. RT @RiotFest: Because it's a disgusting trash fruit and it ruins everything it touches. https://t.co/fIq0IJCSmr

  19. one person followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/FXlFepGaDV

  20. Oh daddy. https://t.co/T44mHHlu2i

  21. I'm psyched for tomorrow's @edge_of_indy: we'll be joined by @UnionJackPub & @IndianapolisZoo. Live, at 3 PM.… https://t.co/7zU1Beuiqg

  22. @megsrenee17 https://t.co/4cxAEllRR5

  23. RT @ChadKnight19: https://t.co/BPd43GJOqG

  24. RT @tedlieu: This means a federal judge reviewed evidence & concluded there was probable cause Manafort engaged in crimes or was agent of f…

  25. RT @dchswarriors: Tonight's girls soccer game against Lebanon will be resumed tomorrow at 5:30 pm. A JV half will be played after the varsi…

  26. Bruh series even in 30 mins. Guarantee it https://t.co/kltxg1nNUj

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