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  2. RT @ECTrojanSports: EC Baseball results from tonight JV East Central - 17 Rushville - 0 Varsity East Central - 14 Rushville - 0

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  4. https://t.co/BmwXfWhBS1

  5. @YaHuckleberry26 Bingo. LeBron got beat, fouled Oladipo on the drive, then a goal tend. Pretty obvious the NBA will… https://t.co/wQLW3jOZUG

  6. @BrandonTierney I really want Barkley, but if the Browns don't take Darnold... that might be too many QBs to leave on the board

  7. RT @andreakayeshow: Imagine if a Republican cropped Michelle Obama out of pics. Sharpton and BLM would be marching in the streets https://t…

  8. @JMV1070 do you know how much teams talk to other teams about possible trade scenarios if the picks go a certain way?

  9. @Travis_churxh Nah

  10. @foxandfriends @Jim_Jordan Total BS. There was no classified information and you know it. If not, you’re dumb… https://t.co/vhRFk9gBLc

  11. RT @BBallTools: Answer these: ????who is responsible for getting in the gym? ????who controls how hard I work in the gym? ????who knows if I cheat r…

  12. @SamjPhilly @NBA I thought GT was unreviewable?

  13. @BizNasty2point0 Hahaha - I get it now, my b

  14. @Dick_Ebert Your wife is correct, in that situation

  15. RT @AnnaWTHR: Have you seen this dog? He went missing on Sunday and his owner lost her sisters (after they were killed) just a few months a…

  16. Michael Bradley's PK attempt just now was actually a pretty good illustration of the #USMNT's World Cup qualifying efforts...

  17. @D0GSAREFAMILY if there is a real picture; looks photo shopped; I would call this dog, Midnight

  18. @colsonherman Except the play before they called out on Lebron even though it wasn’t.

  19. @Peabots13 @lfkraus @gracesru - ???? #ShareTheLove #retweet

  20. Great group of ladies making a huge impact in #Indy. Good work, ladies! @WomenandHiTech @PassTorch4Women… https://t.co/TXSJmECkHu

  21. Last week
  22. RT @mikaclarete: venmo me $$ if u ever wasted my time

  23. @shannonrwatts @KatyTurNBC @amychozick @ChelseaClinton I agree...

  24. RT @rickbozich: They’re awfully proud of Romeo Langford @yeahyeah_22 at Mt. Tabor Elementary in New Albany. https://t.co/pjAMctgHZi


  26. RT @historyinflicks: Internet: we found a bunch of your old homophobic blog posts Normal *******: i sorry (not really sorry but this will b…

  27. RT @TheRickyDavila: Eminem on his taking a stand against trump: “If I lose half my fans then so be it. I stood up for what was right and I'…

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