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  2. RT @KingJames: No ceiling to high! #Welcome2Season15???? #StriveForGreatness???? https://t.co/LPAmK3tfLi

  3. RT @gifdsports: Ben Roethlisberger with the "Dilly Dilly" audible https://t.co/copJwHrDnh

  4. Hold up how do you keep the Warriors from scoring 90? If they score 115 that’s still a bad game for them lol

  5. RT @DCHSWarriorsGBB: Warriors win! 58-42 over Ritter, @ellacollierrr with 23, @LexiRiggles with 11, @bay_muse with 10 and @addie_renae with…

  6. RT @vannahrii17: when naming my children i will take into account how long it will take them to bubble their names into a scantron sheet

  7. RT @m_sheldon: Votto reacted to being so close to Stanton in NL MVP vote https://t.co/uechYt5644 #reds

  8. Yesterday
  9. @BreitbartNews Says the rag that's unapologetically backed the pedophile running for the US Senate in Alabama.

  10. For the moms @ Triton Tap https://t.co/qzzQCxEDBO

  11. @Ronnie2K Rom Artest fighting the city of Detroit that lead to the disassembly of a potential dynasty.

  12. RT @nickconfessore: 80! https://t.co/bXOpIvyxbn

  13. RT @OldTakesExposed: ✍️ https://t.co/Qy6C6vWrBD

  14. Our @HessElem StEP teachers and related service providers organized a very special feast for some really great kidd… https://t.co/xPg3DF3E93

  15. RT @Billbrowder: BREAKING: Lithuanian parliament UNANIMOUSLY passes Magnitsky Act 91-0 on 8th anniversary of Sergei Magnitsky’s murder by t…

  16. Clarify? Or... retract. https://t.co/0i4H9k8mNL

  17. RT @allisonmpreiss: .@SenSherrodBrown: "...One of the outcomes of this bill...is this bill incentivizes outsourcing, correct?" JCT: "Under…

  18. RT @thursdaychurch: We look forward to seeing you tonight at 6:45 p.m. #thursdaychurch

  19. RT @NASCARONFOX: RT if you think Brad Keselowski will be the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion. https://t.co/DeViPxc8hE

  20. RT @WTHDNEWS: I think it's so cool that they do this. #HoosierHysteria https://t.co/jf42oNPEVL

  21. Is it Bonds and A-Rod? @MikeAndMike

  22. RT @NirajGusani: On this World #PancreaticCancer Day #WPCD learn more about the #Pancreas and about our nation's 3rd most common cause of #…

  23. RT @PhilipRLee: It's semi-state week for Indiana HS football. The East Central Trojans battle Greenwood Friday night. I visited practice Tu…

  24. https://t.co/dQN1wXwQAs

  25. @HoosierYoda Fife never played with Wright & Marshall.

  26. RT @marilynmanson: Thanks to all the fans. https://t.co/go4urURaB1

  27. Man, the Pacers sure did make that interesting.

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