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  2. @BiggestBiscuit Salt too spicy for this living loaf of soggy white bread

  3. RT @VictorDukes23: Stevie Wonder can see and Adele>>Beyonce

  4. RT @marshmellomusic: What an amazing experience today! Thank you so much @IMS for having me at the #indy500snakepit @jdouglas4 @ConorDaly22…

  5. @Varightone1 @NASCAR_WXMAN I'm from Farmersburg! Ever passed through? @NASCAR_WXMAN

  6. craig ehlo's reaction on the rockets bench........

  7. Yesterday
  8. RT @bobkevoian: 350,000 race fans completely silent during the presentation of the American Flag. #Indy500 #Respect

  9. RT @TIM_MAYsports: Takuma Sato with stirring pass of Helio Castroneves with 4 laps left, hangs on to win 101st Indy 500.

  10. RT @darrenrovell: Takuma Sato wins Indy 500. His sponsor, Ruoff Home Mortgage, decided to sponsor him for this race FIVE DAYS ago.

  11. Dixon all class. Can't say the same for Chip Ganassi.

  12. @KetchmarkWCPO @WCPO Looks great for the first week of summer break ????

  13. Unbelievable... amazing he WALKS away from this. #Indianapolis500

  14. RT @theScore: Incredibly, Scott Dixon just simply walked away from this. Safety levels = ???? #Indy500

  15. RT @WakeUp2Politics: Wow! So honored to be profiled in @NYTStyles. Thanks so much @StuartEmmrichNY

  16. RT @bobkevoian: 350,000 race fans completely silent during the presentation of the American Flag. #Indy500 #Respect

  17. - Tom Allen: Facing Ohio State On Opening Night "Tremendous Opportunity"

  18. RT @American_BSB: Houston? East Carolina? Who's taking home the #AmericanBSB Championship ????? ????…

  19. RT @timbosliceAFC: name a more iconic duo.. I'll wait.

  20. Too perfect.

  21. @wwarfel71 @HMATTHIAS if you’re at Olio, skip the race and hang out with us…

  22. Trigger libs this Memorial Day by watching a shitty movie with George Allen cosplaying as a slaveowner

  23. @JohnCornyn Are you serious, senator? The CBO headed by a Republican you guys appointed? I guess "party over countr…

  24. @TonyBruin This conversation is making my want to put my head in a blender. How do people not understand what the f…

  25. RT @WORLDSTARC0MEDY: This the most lit pep rally I ever seen ????????

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  28. RT @SratLifeDaily: Sometimes all you can say is "yikes" & then move on with your life

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