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  2. RT @leahmcelrath: If a Democratic POTUS ever cursed in front of the Boy Scouts, the GOP would never let them forget it.…

  3. RT @BleacherReport: Jordan Howard isn’t slowing down after a monster rookie season

  4. RT @kashanacauley: It takes a real maverick to rush back from receiving medical treatment just to make sure other people can't get medical…

  5. Good run DiBurrito. Keep grindin

  6. @8bitbojackson bought some for my dad last year. we both loved it.

  7. RT @RadioNOW1009: It's Monday & we're still coming down from #400Fest! It was a epic weekend & we captured it all! Watch full video: https:…

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  9. @KatieQLowes Where's the "not soon enough" choice ?????

  10. RT @BBallTools: The problems we see with youth basketball today and how we can fix them:

  11. I don't know what's more delightful: my colleague @calebdann or his awesome blog post comparing homebrewing & SEO.

  12. RT @shorterstory: Best comment on Jared Kushner, via the NYT

  13. @barstoolWSD

  14. @dog_rates Scout is a very #goodshark #barkweek

  15. RT @JeffJKPC: Butler has a boil water advisory in effect. 100-200-300 blocks of North John Street only. @JeffJKPC @kpcnews

  16. @skalberson What am I going to do without you ????

  17. (Borat voice): "Baby, do you know I'm with the Sporting Eastern League? Any not just any Divison, I'm in the Winne……

  18. When the media company's verticals are in sync, cc: @vulture @NYMag

  19. @DoctorGC Potential game changer for sure! Only thing keeping me from cutting cord

  20. RT @samstaydipped: Gotta tweet this at least once a year

  21. William, Harry share rare insights into their mother via @yahoo

  22. @williamnyy23 @MetsOfficials interesting comparison

  23. RT @RepAdamSchiff: With respect Mr. President, the problem is how often you watch TV, and that your comments and actions are beneath the di…

  24. An attorney will explain your options to you before trial begins.

  25. @TomatoNation I am 2 minutes into your discussion on Sara, and I had to stop to tweet you. All of this is so true!

  26. @jimmybeastmode Happy Birthday James!! I Hope it's a great one!!

  27. So I have to say I'm incredibly impressed with the Apple Watch when it comes to treadmill…

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