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  2. @puppy_grind24 lebron was younger in his first year (obviously) and was already putting up 20 points a game... Simm… https://t.co/Tn5LpJIgmQ

  3. Joakim Noah just finished his 2nd year of a 4 year/72 Million dollar fully guaranteed contract and has played like… https://t.co/OhMLgmr8QA

  4. Yesterday
  5. #outlooksm #oscarnight2018 https://t.co/JLVujqnJeS

  6. @AssemblyCall @insidethehall Any idea if Romeo’s announcement will be live-streamed by anyone?

  7. RT @geoffgarin: New AP-NORC poll: 78% say teachers are paid too little, including 48% who say they are paid far too little. By 52% to 25%,…

  8. RT @Russ_Steinberg: 18. You're 3 and 18. https://t.co/2z0HdhptkV

  9. #MyHandleExplained a very obscure Seinfeld reference. Guy was mentioned in the show but never shown https://t.co/0upfz08ASP

  10. Or the committing of treason? https://t.co/uk5aJJUb4S

  11. Ms. Ramos and her students at Clark are creating festive piñatas for Cinco de Mayo! Looking good! #schk12 https://t.co/IGyZcdDXlB

  12. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/hJJ5P1XIVG Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Keep Tom Holland From Spoiling ‘Avengers: Infinity

  13. Always question authority https://t.co/VvcyEIq9VK

  14. @TheGilly @billybemis @gfactoryevents @barrettbo @MattGreller That water kicked my @$$!

  15. RT @JeevesSolvesIt: @steak_ham @charliekirk11 @scrowder @RubinReport @DennisPrager @benshapiro This guy has nothing better to do than make…

  16. RT @JeffRabjohns: A big-time opening weekend for frontcourt teammates Trayce Jackson-Davis and Keion Brooks. Story, quotes, what impressed…

  17. RT @ehsjhwrestling: Individual scores: Ethan Kerr 55 Thadden Fiechter 64 Tate Kissinger 69 Gunner Czaja 75 Clayton Minnick 75 Shayla Shaffe…

  18. When you preach all day about taking care of your skin by wearing sunscreen then get sunburned on a one hour run ????????‍♀️

  19. RT @allie_pickett_: This sweet, handsome guy is Jughead. He has been at Heaven After Hell for over 200 days, now!! He’s a little under two…

  20. ???? gnite https://t.co/T3o6fwEInF

  21. In bed for the night. Going to work tomorrow. Good night everyone — watching The Golden Girls

  22. RT @barstoolsports: Refs just granted LeBron a timeout on the most obvious jump ball of all time https://t.co/GZmUGnIe2F

  23. Pacers take the worst possible shots 90 percent of the time smh

  24. @FoxNews https://t.co/307Ax1xdcj

  25. RT @stylestruIy: when you're at a party and mr brightside suddenly comes on https://t.co/6OzkHE5D4b

  26. https://t.co/2BeyZLTECF

  27. That shot was pretty sick! #StepItUpPacers

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